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    Weird Porsche Connect Notifications

    Received the same thing an hour ago on my phone.
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    I made a Taycan beat!

    Sell it to Porsche for big bucks $$$ for a Taycan add campaign.
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    Is this the dreaded 12v battery issue?

    I just left my car in a non-heated garage average temp was 0C (in the garage) for 11 days while out of town. Outside temps 4C to -10C. Battery was charged to 85% and showed 258 miles when I left. Upon return it was exactly the same. I did not look at the app or connect to the vehicle in...
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    I have been running the Pirelli Elect P Zero Winter for three months. Great in the snow and cold on the Taycan. Usually run a Michelin winter tire on other cars not offered for Taycan.
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    Contact Name not showing on Incoming Calls and Recent Numbers

    @iten I seem to recall that you can select the option on the central display to show contact options under the phone icon. If nobody replies with an answer I will take a look at it tomorrow and see if I can find the pages/icons to select and forward to you. Updated 0333 UTC 11 Jan 2021 I am...
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    PMCC Relay Error

    @jont was it plugged into your vehicle when this happened? It occurred to me once when I did not have the plug all the way pushed in on the left AC plug of my vehicle. Unplugged and plugged in again confirming proper connection and my charger went green normal operation.
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    Passenger window won't close issue...

    @robborover If the suggestion from @jetbox does not work, on the same page in the US manual (pg 278) you will find opening and closing the windows with the drivers key. Have you tried this?
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    Dear Porsche... (How I would wish EV Planning would work for me)

    @evanevery look forward to hearing Porsche's reply. Thank you.
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    All cameras malfunctioning. No error messages.

    Crazy image with all cameras out of service. Hopefully someone else has seen this and can offer a cure.
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    All cameras malfunctioning. No error messages.

    @Oink reviewing the manual discusses damage, snow, ice, debris etc... covering the cameras. I imagine you checked this. Additionally the manual also discusses activating and deactivating park assist. Have you checked your settings on the center display, car icon-setting-park assist to see...
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    Blackberry interior...

    Your Blackberry looks great! Those are interesting floor mats. What are they? Look lightly insulated. Or dealer mats to protect pre-delivery? Thank you.
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    One sure way to fool authorities (you need snow, though)

    @wmras just read up about this and tire temps. Thank you.
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    One sure way to fool authorities (you need snow, though)

    Snow tires help considerably. I do not have that slipping issue in the snow and mountains where I live. Salud.
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    One sure way to fool authorities (you need snow, though)

    Nevada en Madrid. How did you find the drive in your Taycan in the snow?
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    Outside temperature and range

    @Kingske Thank you for the great report. It is much appreciated. Great numbers. I am certain you had a wonderful day.
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    Gratulerer Norway 54% Electric

    Congratulations to Norway! Thank you for being an example and showing how it can be done. This article is from CNN, however, it is printed in many publications. London (CNN Business)Battery electric vehicles...
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    Outside temperature and range

    Frank, Please let us know what your trip SoC, range etc... are when you get to your destination. Safe travels. Thank you.
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    Porsche Taycan Review: “The Best Electric Performance Car on the Market” December 12th, 2020 by Guest Contributor

    Ran across this review from 4 weeks ago. I had not seen it posted so here it is. Clean technica
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    Taycan 4S+ Cold weather experiences

    Succinct. Amazingly wonderful and detailed synopsis of your trip. Thank you for taking the time to compile your notes and observations.
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    Floppy Flimsy Dirty Rubber

    Washed my vehicle yesterday after driving in the snow the past few days. I was surprised at the floppy flimsy rubber on the rear passenger doors. I would have thought these might be a bit more secured. A bit inelegant. Most importantly as you can see in the short video is when you pull the...