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  1. Fcassells

    Tail light modifications from Thailand (video) - sequential turn signals and dynamic reverse lights

    That’s unfortunate, I can only imagine how excited the porsche techs would be to have a solid reason the 12v goes flat ... “hmmm, zee taillights unt gehen Thailand?“. Nein garantie!
  2. Fcassells

    Taycan front trunk liner (frunk) from Suncoast review

    Not a big fan of the air circulation vent bends 😁
  3. Fcassells

    Tail light modifications from Thailand (video) - sequential turn signals and dynamic reverse lights

    I’m a big Audi fan also and love their lighting design ethos , this would be awesome on our Taycan imho. Has anyone seen or heard of this here in North America?
  4. Fcassells

    Anyone else had joy of dealing with tusker

    I am pretty sure all those described scenarios are horrible, I understood maybe a quarter of the local colloquialisms ;) But I’m with you 100%.
  5. Fcassells

    Shmee150 Review: Is the Taycan Turbo S the Electric Car for Me to Buy

    Lol, I posted that on the Taycan Facebook page... unfortunately it gets worse, he now raced a model s and lost as it seems he has the reactions of an octogenarian.
  6. Fcassells

    Helping a fellow Taycan Owner - Charge Port

    I can just imagine the German engineers ... of course zee driver will put up zee little door, then our big door closes. no other combination could occur.
  7. Fcassells

    Saving energy !

    Eco ac doesn’t defrost our rainy wet coast windows at all... and 100% the trunk led is beyond pathetic , crappy eBay cree bulbs here I come.
  8. Fcassells

    Taycan Turbo S owner's review of the 4S

    Reading this helps Justify me jumping into my 4S . I am totally in love with the thing as a daily driver but my Lizard brain still Whispers “ idiot”
  9. Fcassells

    Apple podcasts update

    Just got an email from PNA , touting the latest update that includes the following Last year, Apple Music was integrated into the all-electric Porsche Taycan. “We are now pleased to introduce further innovations to the Taycan: a seamless podcast experience through Apple Podcasts and an...
  10. Fcassells

    MAXHAUST tuned Taycan active sound design

    I’m currently sourcing a colour matched trunk mounted jerry can for the olfactory senses. maybe an accelerator pedal triggered venting ?
  11. Fcassells

    Do you have all the buttons on the app?

    Porsche philosophy is never settle for second place , our 2020 Taycan is superseded by the 2021... we are second place . If you want the latest functionality you must buy the latest version of the product . This is verbatim from customer support North America . this is also us buying into a...
  12. Fcassells

    Screens going mad

    Update for reference , I was able to get into the display settings after timing the random damn inputs, turning off the proximity sensor in the central display properties seems to have stopped the issue for now . Likely a replacement screen will be the result I’m sure . Not happy about techs...
  13. Fcassells

    Screens going mad

    Thanks , I did try cleaning everything .. even lightly tapping everywhere as maybe a haptic press was stuck . Nope
  14. Fcassells

    Screens going mad

    Done all the things you mentioned , I’ve found I’m able to get the buttons to stop by hitting the shut down button on the lower screen that pops up a admin menu ... I’ve now got a Porsche ctek charger on it for a bit to see if it’s battery related . Don’t think so as the shit down screen stops...
  15. Fcassells

    Screens going mad

    No . I am unable to get into any menus.
  16. Fcassells

    Screens going mad

    Opened my 2020 4s to a constant beeping sound , the touch screens seem to be constantly randomly pressing buttons on its own. 350 km one week after delivery . 98% charge and 13.5 v showing on the 12v battery . Anyone know of a reboot procedure ? I have an appointment Wednesday
  17. Fcassells

    Name this part! Under frunk connector.

    Poking about I’ve come across what looks like a small speaker on the drivers side under hood area, anyone have the details on that device there?
  18. Fcassells

    "WBA Limited" warnings...

    My one week old 4S just had this fault twice . The funny thing is it was over two days at the exact same spot on my way home at the exact same time, why I think that’s relevant is the sun was low and bright facing south while I was in a south bound road with a steep decline. I have a fair...