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  1. ShiftyWolf

    Under-trunk / sub-trunk / trunk cubby - Same size on all Taycans?

    No, this is not at all helpful. We were specifically asked to use a ruler ;)
  2. ShiftyWolf

    List your replacement EVSE for the NHTSA ID 23V-841 campaign

    If anyone is interested, Amazon is having a 20% off sale of the Autel plug in models with separate plug holster.
  3. ShiftyWolf

    No Porsche Extended Warranty Available?

    On the other hand, it's my understanding that the Porsche-endorsed warranty is guaranteed to pay for covered repairs minus your deductible, rather than the buyer having to submit for reimbursement or fight with service, correct?
  4. ShiftyWolf

    Adding power charge port sensor to non-power door?

    Have to reprogram my brain from refilling the old ICE, where I always replaced the nozzle first and then put the gas cap back on. With the powered charge door Taycan it's shut the "cap" and THEN put the cable back. :sun:
  5. ShiftyWolf

    From Taycan Dreams to Plaid Realities: My Electrifying Pivot

    Best wishes for your future. Cars are such a passion for many of us and I hope you are able to feed that passion again soon.
  6. ShiftyWolf

    What's the current Taycan software version?

    Interestingly, my SA said Porsche does not do auto PCM updates when you come in for service. But I mentioned having a screen freeze and an update to latest software was included on my detail sheet :like:
  7. ShiftyWolf

    85% Minimum Charge Not Working

    The profile with a timer works well for my charging and vehicle use scenario, as my rates are cheaper overnight but I have a charge anytime minimum set to 35%. I'm glad to see different options that work for many others.
  8. ShiftyWolf

    Under-trunk / sub-trunk / trunk cubby - Same size on all Taycans?

    Lower trunk with Bose system. Inches and cm to please all readers :like:
  9. ShiftyWolf

    How to find the destination I have sent to the car

    Mine is also hit or miss with sending to the car. It worked perfectly from my phone when I was sitting inside my already running car but... that kind of defeats the purpose.
  10. ShiftyWolf

    New Owner

    Congrats and welcome. When I stopped riding I was able to channel that money into a nicer car. Hope you enjoy your ownership.
  11. ShiftyWolf

    New Charger-related recall (for the 240 V cable) (NHTSA ID 23V-841)

    What's the weight difference between the Leviton and Hubbell? FWIW, I have 6AWG high temp wiring to the Hubbell receptacle, and never really worried about the heat issue.
  12. ShiftyWolf

    Stone damage to cooling unit

    Yep Zunsport grills thread
  13. ShiftyWolf

    Charger Installation Q

    Having everything up to code will likely help you sleep a bit better at night, too. It's been a long time since I cracked a NEC book but I don't think you're supposed to have anything else running off your fire alarm circuit.
  14. ShiftyWolf

    Adding power charge port sensor to non-power door?

    If you leave the DC charge flap open, the electric door will close part way and then reverse back up, and make you feel stupid for your forgetfulness. Ask me how I know.
  15. ShiftyWolf

    Ideal tire pressure

    Unfortunately, US cars just provide a single suggested pressure along the B pillar. In my case, it recommends 39psi front and rear which would be WAY too high for driving around by myself. Settings pressures according to the specific tires and loading in the owner manual made a huge difference...
  16. ShiftyWolf

    Ideal tire pressure

    It's been updated a few times, now January 20, 2023 as far as I can tell. Porsche doesn't seem to keep the online manual up to date? I've been running 37psi front and 34psi rear on my summer 20" and like that setup. Taycan 4S with usually just me in the car.
  17. ShiftyWolf

    List your replacement EVSE for the NHTSA ID 23V-841 campaign

    After a lot of reading and looking through multiple reviews, I ordered a Grizzl-E classic this morning. It seems rugged and simple, and should fit well into my existing garage setup (existing Hubbell location and space on the wall). I really do like the Porsche PMCC and plan to leave that...
  18. ShiftyWolf

    Wall Charger Choice Question

    It seems too early to tell, as reimbursement via check is estimated to take several weeks. I and others have reached out to Porsche for clarification but I don't expect a quick response.
  19. ShiftyWolf

    Taycan GTS to Audi RS e-tron GT

    I had the fortune to test the GT e-tron and Taycan 4S back to back on the same loops; you see which I chose. For me it came down to a few minor details. The Audi physical HVAC controls are a plus and the overall layout was nearly the same as my RS5. I never liked the large plastic grill and hope...
  20. ShiftyWolf

    Using ChargePoint Home Flex with Taycan profile(s) and timer(s)

    Thanks, it's nice to see it in writing. I also plan to look further into the Tesla wall charger to see if PCNA considers it a covered 3rd party EVSE.