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  1. ShiftyWolf

    Using ChargePoint Home Flex with Taycan profile(s) and timer(s)

    All, I'm considering a new EVSE now that Porsche is offering to pay for it. One of the cons I continually see about the ChargePoint Home Flex in comparison reviews is that it "requires" WIFI to charge. If preferred, can this EVSE just be set to dumb and charge off my existing Taycan profile...
  2. ShiftyWolf

    Dash camera install with lots of detail

    Hey all. I had a Thinkware U1000 4K dash camera installed in my Audi and recently moved it over to the Taycan. My install hardwires to the fuses rather than doing a mirror tap. I was surprised by how the A pillar trim safety features changed in just a few years and, even though the existing...
  3. ShiftyWolf

    About the 718 EV

    Ok, I can't be the only one wondering this. When the EV version comes out, will it be pronounced "Kie-Mahn"?