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  1. mc9er

    MY 2025 lease details & programs

    Has anyone been given any word from their salespeople or dealership in regards to MY 2025 lease details / programs? My local dealership says they are still waiting on lease program information for the refreshed model. Currently have no idea on how the different models will “lease out”. Thanks!
  2. mc9er

    Out Of Spec Kyle hypermiles prototype Taycan refresh to over 450 miles range!

    Just make the diamond button above it your shortcut for regen??
  3. mc9er

    Some “news” on refreshed Taycan - Porsche Newsroom

    Link: Info starting to come out from Porsche themselves. Anyone...
  4. Just got a Transmission fault warning. Anybody know what it is?

    So the service department's response was, everything looks ok now, go away? Nothing about what conditions could cause the errors and the behaviors you saw, research with Porsche Germany, etc? Just a temporary glitch that lasted since a month since July 6? And, if it happens again, wait a month...
  5. mc9er

    Porsche 718 / 983 Boxster EV Electric - spotted testing

    These likely won’t have a rear seat, correct?
  6. mc9er

    Is this what I think it is? Electrical system error

    Hi all, got into my car this evening after it has been parked in my garage all day (not plugged in) and everything electrical inside powered up (unlocked, displays powered up, radio turned on, etc.) along with an error message “Electrical System Error > Park vehicle in a safe place”. I can’t put...