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  1. JayGT4

    🚨 2025 Taycan Officially Revealed! Specs, Wallpaper Photos, Videos & US Pricing

    See the entire technical PDF: Taycan PA Technic Presentation PDF The new 2025 Porsche Taycan models Enhanced styling inside and out, uprated chassis and suspension systems, new technology and even greater performance Recuperation increased to up to 400 kW at high speeds Increased 105 kWh...
  2. NewtoEV

    Base Taycan range: less? more? or average?

    Thx! Definitely loving it so far. (Is there even going be such a thing as a winter anymore? Heat index is 113 as I write this. 🥵)
  3. Ross

    Welcome to Normal Depreciation

    No salary sacrifice for me. Just buy as company director. You are right. It does work, just not as well! Of course if you can buy a demonstrator a few months old for £40k below list and you can convince youself that you were going to festoon your Taycan with £30k of extras anyway then that 2nd...
  4. whitex

    One week after 6 years in Tesla Model S to Taycan Turbo

    (American) English is not my first, or even second fluent language, but I get what you mean. I am not sure whether it was purely wind noise, or also tire noise which was making its way into the cabin via the doors. I do know that when I swapped out tires once, the noise did get worse - turned...
  5. f1eng

    One week after 6 years in Tesla Model S to Taycan Turbo

    I would call that wind noise not road noise. Maybe yet another difference between American English and English but for me road noise comes from the road tyre interface and intrudes mainly via the structure, which means cars with stiffer suspension bushes for handling are usually noisier than the...
  6. JayGT4

    Taycan headlights stolen in worst possible way 🤢

    My stomach turned seeing these photos (not my Taycan).
  7. Englishtony2002

    Spyder wheels, black polish treatment

    Been looking for a good way to polish and protect the polished black parts of my Spyder alloys. Think I found it. :clap:
  8. daveo4EV

    short notice meet & greet? Seattle area?

    this was brought up in another thread…
  9. JayGT4

    Boxster EV Rendering

  10. JayGT4

    VW considering Porsche IPO / spinoff VW Is Said to Weigh Listing of Porsche Sports-Car Division Volkswagen AG is considering a separate listing of its Porsche sports-car unit in a deal that could boost...