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  1. MissionC

    🚨 2025 Taycan Officially Revealed! Specs, Wallpaper Photos, Videos & US Pricing

    As a former 997.2 owner, I disagree :) The interior of the 997.2 was a massive upgrade over the 997.1. Most of the externals stayed the same but the .2 moved over to modern LED lighting in the rear as well as introduction of Bi-Xenon headlights, which were an amazing upgrade. Your sentiment is...
  2. MissionC

    🚨 2025 Taycan Officially Revealed! Specs, Wallpaper Photos, Videos & US Pricing

    That front end - yeesh. Looks like it was simplified for lower cost more than anything. Looks very generic, which is too bad as the 1st gen has such futuristic styling. The internal engineering advances are pretty incredible and shows how much they’ve learned in 4 years.
  3. MissionC

    Out Of Spec Kyle hypermiles prototype Taycan refresh to over 450 miles range!

    Seeing Porsche make these advancements is great even though, like you, I’ll be driving my MY2020 4S for a long time to come. I have a feeling they’ve reworked a lot of the internal systems as well to minimize power draw along with other components (updated HV battery, primary). It be a shocker...
  4. MissionC

    Porsche Announces Mission R EV Sports Car Concept

    Maybe, but I bet the Taycan will keep the current transmission through the J1.2 update. My favorite quote from an Automobile mag Taycan prototype review: They must have seriously reworked the power delivery mechanism to not have a transmission in the Mission R.
  5. MissionC

    I got a little brother for my panther

    Nice - the Mini looks very cool! I’m thinking about getting one of those for my better half next year. Both of us have short/no commutes after C19 has us WFH indefinitely and would love to go all electric and save our SUV for the kids to drive in a couple of years.
  6. MissionC

    Zoom Backdrops

    If you haven’t seen it yet, this site from Porsche has a bunch of background pictures and even coloring pages for kids: