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  1. Propofoln

    MY25 CT Turbo S ordered

    Rich AF!!
  2. Propofoln

    What a beautiful car..

    I always so. Especially at night with the amazing light bar in the rear
  3. Propofoln

    Swapping a 2021 Turbo for a 2024 GTS?

    Love your voodoo blue PTS Turbo. If you ever decide to sell it……… 😃
  4. Propofoln

    PRICE DROP: Porsche 21in Mission E Wheels & Summer Tires - $7,800 CAD / $5,800 USD

    his wheels are painted white inside, like i have on my white Taycan. Would look weird on your gray car
  5. Propofoln

    How’s this offer for a left over 2023 New GTS?

    how does a GTS handle better than a Turbo S? Turbo S would have all the handling options too
  6. Propofoln

    Bottomed out in parking lots - damaged side skirts and jack stand bracket (repair info inside)

    that was the rear driver side. Think it was like that when I bought it CPO