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  1. bsclywilly

    Custom Cross Turismo Rear Bike Rack Group Buy

    1/16/2024 Update: If you’re interested in these accessory bars, msg below and we’ll see if there’s enough interest for a 4th group buy. 2/10/2023 Update: Been getting several requests for a 3rd round of bike racks. Please see details here and reply if you're interested. 8/28 Update: 1...
  2. bsclywilly

    Removed Arches on Cross Turismo w/ ORDP [Photos]

    2/3: Updated pics Well, I know a few of you are wondering what a Sport Turismo conversion would look like so here it is. Had this plan before the ST was even a thing. I had intentionally ordered the Off Road Design Package to make sure the removed fender cladding wouldn’t expose any...