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  1. Perry

    Seems Apple is out of self driving and EV vehicles

    A real shame if you ask me. Whether or not one would personally want to buy their products, Apple has a tendency of being a significant market disrupter anywhere they go, typically for the better. it would have been really interesting to see what type of innovations they would have pushed. A...
  2. Perry

    Red light inside by door handle

    It warns you for incoming vehicles when you open the door.
  3. Perry

    MY25 CT Turbo S ordered

    1. I did, but I was asked not to share it so out of respect I'd like to refrain from doing that. It's not an insane amount, though. 2. The idea is to trade it in. It's obviously less than if it would be sold directly to someone, but still there's a value in itself to not have to bother with...
  4. Perry

    Porsche Active Ride

    The main USP of Active Ride over PDCC is not actually track performance, but increased comfort. It goes so far that most of the new features are only active in Normal mode and not Sport or Sport Plus. Here's the section about Active Ride from the PDF that was posted earlier:
  5. Perry

    MY25 CT Turbo S ordered

    The interior spec is essentially the same that I have with my current Taycan. The "contrasting" atacama stitching primarily shows up on black leather on the dash, doors and on the inside of the steering wheel. I agree that it's a bit strange that the club leather option overrides the Turbonite...
  6. Perry

    MY25 CT Turbo S ordered

    It's actually ~€53 in Sweden (600kr), however, since I specced it with my old car, I'm probably just going to bring it with me. That's an extremely good point. I did inform my dealer that I would be bringing the net over, but I'll definitely make sure that they quadruple check about the...
  7. Perry

    MY25 CT Turbo S ordered

    Those should definitely have been included! I had to redo the whole configuration manually on the international website to get it in English for this post, so I must have misclicked there. I had accidentally clicked on some RaceTex option rather than the leather ones. I've updated the post with...
  8. Perry

    MY25 CT Turbo S ordered

    My plan was originally to keep my current CT for a few more years, but in the end, I found that the facelift was such a significant upgrade that fixed most of the pain points I had with the old Taycan that I felt it was worth the upgrade. The extra range and charge speed was perhaps the most...
  9. Perry

    MY25 CT Turbo S ordered

    Yesterday, I finished speccing and placed an order for a new CT. I don't have a build date yet, but preliminary indication is for a June delivery. It's a relatively high-end spec, but feel free to come with suggestions for anything I should change. I went back and forth for a while regarding...
  10. Perry

    Wireless apple carplay

    You shouldn't manually connect your phone to the car WiFi. How CarPlay works is that the phone will first connect via Bluetooth and then reconnect through WiFi. If you've manually joined the WiFi, the phone will connect, disconnect and then reconnect to the Wifi, making everything much slower...
  11. Perry

    Charging cable too short - can i extend it?

    How much do you need? It seems like Deltaco has a 10m Type 2 cable. Amazon link
  12. Perry

    21 Aero Design versus 21 Mission E design

    I had no idea they did that. That's incredibly helpful, thanks!
  13. Perry

    Charging cable too short - can i extend it?

    If you're asking if it's electrically possible to use an extension cable, then yes it's technically possible. If you're asking if it's a good idea, then no, absolutely not. If you have to ask then it's probably not something you should do. A regular household extension cord is typically not...
  14. Perry

    Turbonite yay or nay?

    I haven't seen much discussion about this on the forums and since I'm again on the journey of speccing another Taycan, I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks about this? On the Turbo models, Turbonite is mandatory for a few details like the Porsche crest, while some are optional. For the...
  15. Perry

    Sideview cameras

    As someone professionally struggling with the curse of SAP, I can vouch for that the main control board of a Soviet-era nuclear power plant is apparently the hottest shit in the German UI/UX design scene right now.
  16. Perry

    Kyle shows you: "How To Option The New 2025 Porsche Taycan"

    Eh. I'm not saying his videos are amazing, but I think the amount flack he's getting here and at Reddit is completely disproportionate. He keeps rambling a bit, but I like that he often focuses on more technical and EV related aspects of the cars rather than just parroting the same 0-60mph...
  17. Perry

    2025 Taycan - what’s missing?

    They've definitely blasted through all of my expectations for a refresh like this, but I think there is still quite a lot of room for improvement. The software seems to still be the achilles heel of Porsche. The fact that the Taycan doesn't seem to be getting the Android Automotive based PCM is...
  18. Perry

    🚨 2025 Taycan Officially Revealed! Specs, Wallpaper Photos, Videos & US Pricing

    Is anyone else a bit confused about the new CarPlay functionality? They seem to be referring to it as CarPlay+, but that's not a branding that I've seen Apple use anywhere. At the same time if you look at the PDF that was posted earlier, they appear to mostly be talking about the Porsche CarPlay...
  19. Perry

    That 2025 facelift

    I guess I jumped a few steps, because I think the Turbo styling actually looks really good. It's a bit edgier and scifi-esque than the old styling, which I think really works here. Especially at an angle. I agree that the base styling is a step down, though. I don't hate it, but it's not as...