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  1. andb

    Taycan Turbo GT news?

    Wrong quote, fixed.
  2. andb

    Taycan GT news

    Who's gonna spend 250k on a Turbo GT for half a second faster acceleration, less range and massive depreciation? Even though facelift seems new its still a first-gen Taycan with 2 speed gearbox, slow PCM and small interior space.
  3. andb

    Taycan Turbo GT news?

    Who's gonna spend 250k+ on a Turbo GT for half a second faster acceleration, less range and massive depreciation than a Turbo?
  4. andb

    Taycan Turbo GT news?

    Hope not, Porsche should check the Lucid Sapphire 'success story', it's selling like hot cakes, haha
  5. andb

    Porsche Active Ride

    The Active Ride could make the Taycan as comfortable as an S class. According to roadandcar test the new suspension is noticeable more comfortable. "We had a chance to sample a new Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid prototype with the “semi-active” PDCC system and one with Active Ride near Porsche’s...
  6. andb

    taycan replacement

    I would get the BMW i7 slightly used its very good value.
  7. andb

    Windshield rock chips

    Taycan windshield is pretty soft, I got a small stone that left a mark, luckily not on my side. But more annoying is that I get the rear doors stone chips when going over debris. Its the first car with this issue, Panamera is not affected, maybe its body design issue or the 21 inch wheels.
  8. andb

    Facelift 2025 Taycan RWD range and charging tests posted

    But how much this high speed charging will degrade the battery over time ? We need to see a graph because at some point some of us will own the Taycan for many years. I have my Macbook for 6 years, iphone 3 and probably my next EV I will keep until next gen is out.
  9. andb

    Taycan facelift short drive video

    What if our old battery dies needs replacement, Porsche should install the improved battery, so I'll keep mine until the battery is dead or I need longer range EV.
  10. andb

    A Taycan GTS owner drives a Taycan base model loaner - comparison observations

    5 sec to 60 is slower than much cheaper BMW i4, really wonder why Porsche decided to detune the RWD motor so much. I guess more power would make it more fun and probably lower 4S sales. After first winter with Taycan Turbo I would trade the power for more range but has to be fun.
  11. andb

    Bose to Burmester subwoofer?

    It is bolt on but the Burmester subwoofer has a separate amp while the Bose subwoofer has the amp integrated in the main amp, that means you'll be sending amplified signal to the Burmester subwoofer amp, no idea if that works. Also you need a power for the amp. Its doable but I'd replace the...
  12. RAHRCR

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    I am a mere peasant (non-doctor and only a 4S), perhaps a few less hard accelerations with passengers is in order? …..I will see myself out….
  13. dtich

    Is the new 19.2 kW on board charger worth it?

    i mean, wouldn't you think this is a faulty unit, breaker, sensor, software.. something? -- have you tried another unit? just curious. i would think this is a thermal issue but not if the amperage has no effect on the issue. then i might think software. firmware. but. clearly you know what you...
  14. snstevens

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Based on the feedback so far, I highly recommend that you take your wife out to a nice dinner, hold her hand, and tell her how much you love her. After that, perhaps a capacinno. Now, go for a ride in the Taycan. If she gets nauseous (unlikely with the food and drink) at least she'll know...
  15. jrmuppet

    Issues with Spotify - odd resolution today

    Spotify stopped working in early July. The icon just grayed out while driving saying function not available if I touched it. When parked, it would enable again but pressing it brought up a modal that says it was trying to register and then that failed. I finally called Porsche support a couple...
  16. Is this what I think it is? Electrical system error

    They are telling me it's a "rare" software issue not the battery. I am awaiting a software update that is current being written right now and not due out until end of August. The customer service reps are awesome though . Free loaner and when I get car back reimbursement galore including car payment
  17. neo402

    August 2023 Deliveries

    6 ships at Jacksonville within 2 weeks. Apart from Siem Confucius that is already at berth on 8/5, here are the 5 more coming up:
  18. tigerbalm

    Just got a Transmission fault warning. Anybody know what it is?

    Oh that would have been amazing! For me, just seen it at the museum – but it is by far my favourite exhibit.
  19. PMCC and Loxone (or other home automation) and Solar excess

    Dear Forum, Did anyone manage to control the loading speed of the PMCC (Porsche Mobile Charger Connect) ? Using a home automation system as Loxone? To be able to feed it only solar excess. Have been looking everywhere / experimenting but no to avail... May need the Porsche Home Energy...
  20. Hirschaj

    How to deactivate auto turn on once enter the car?

    In that case, why does it even matter if the car is on or not? It will turn itself back off after some period of inactivity anyway. It won’t use much electricity during that time either. I understand why you asked the question, but the fact that it’s not possible really shouldn’t impact your use...