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  1. Kingske

    BASE Taycan + $10,000 Must Have Options

    The larger battery seems to me the #1 on the list. Followed perhaps by the air suspension...
  2. Kingske

    Official: Base Taycan (RWD) Unveiled. Pricing starts in U.S. at $79,900

    Standard steel-spring suspension... I am a little surprised that the base Taycan is priced somewhat below a base Panamera. Interested to see how this base Taycan price will compare to the price of the forthcoming Audi eTron GT.
  3. Kingske

    New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    Ik heb te lang in België gewoond. :)
  4. Kingske

    New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    Sorry, must be my egalitarian reflex.
  5. Kingske

    New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    @DennisB makes the correct remark that the 911 is positioned at a higher price point than the Taycan, and that it offers more apparent body differences between versions. I therefore repeat my comment using the Panamera as an example. The Panamera’s price point is similar to the Taycan’s, has a...
  6. Kingske

    New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    A base 911 costs a little less than half of what a 911 Turbo S costs, before options. Would you not expect a similar price ratio between the equivalent Taycan models? Would that be so wrong?
  7. Kingske

    Real-World EV Range Testing

    So, 170 miles at 85% SoC means 200 miles at 100% SoC? Around freezing temperature in a Taycan Turbo S which is driven "dynamically" that does not sound unrealistic.
  8. Kingske

    One in ten Taycan owners member of this forum?

    That makes two of us. I once got a DNA analysis kit from 23&me for a present. Upon submitting my saliva sample, I got sent a new one with a reply that the company was not able to detect any human DNA in my sample. After I sent them a second sample, they gave up and refunded me.
  9. Kingske

    Tip: Engaging auto-hold when not in ACC mode

    My car doesn’t have ACC but has the same auto hold feature. I only discovered it at random a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Kingske

    Dear Porsche... (Center Console Lid does not stay open)

    Not a bad feature for a car....
  11. Kingske

    Front fender vents

    It is true if you have the standard manual charge door covers. Electric covers are an option for which you also pay (a bit) in aerodynamic efficiency.
  12. Kingske

    New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    Probably, but depends on the specs of the base/S. I am curious to learn more about that. Would you think the Chinese 2WD specs would become the worldwide ones?
  13. Kingske

    Cool Weather Road Trip Journal w/ Range Numbers

    Splendid! Thanks.
  14. Kingske

    Weird Porsche Connect Notifications

    I don’t dare to use the Connect app. Call me a coward, but I have not had any 12V battery issues yet.
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  16. Kingske


    Which size and type of wheels do you have, if I may ask?
  17. Kingske

    Cool Weather Road Trip Journal w/ Range Numbers

    Thanks for your interesting account. Good luck tomorrow!
  18. Kingske


    Dat je Google Translate moet gebruiken.
  19. Kingske

    FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Congratulations. So, you are very well placed to compare the pros and cons of a Turbo vs. a 4S in real daily use. I am looking forward to your assessment in a couple of weeks or months.