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  1. Smithy37

    Car manual

    At least you got yours. I received my breakdown assist card & letter in the post and a certificate of conformity. No manual and not even a wallet to store things in. Got told it was a printer supply issue but doesn’t explain the lack of a wallet.
  2. Smithy37

    Apple car play issue

    Sometimes it can take a few minutes to connect so maybe (long shot) it hasn’t initialised when you’re trying? Occasionally it won’t connect at all so check the CarPlay symbol is displayed in the lower screen (just above the climate controls). I’ll have a mess around with mine in the meantime to...
  3. Smithy37

    PCM Radio - Last source when restarting the car works except... (Apple Music question)

    Further to my earlier comments. I’ve had a lot more success with Spotify than MyTuner radio app. It does pause & resume from the volume thumb wheel on the steering wheel & it will resume playing after a phone call. So the issues I seem to be experiencing are MyTuner related and not CarPlay...
  4. Smithy37

    PCM Radio - Last source when restarting the car works except... (Apple Music question)

    What is frustrating me is if I’m listening to the cars radio (FM/DAB/Satellite) when I get back in the car the radio resumes and it will automatically start loading wireless carplay & once initiated it then turns the cars radio off as carplay becomes the default audio source. Sometimes this...
  5. Smithy37

    Taycan PCM Simulator site link

    Don’t think I’ve seen the sport chrono button on my Home Screen. MY21.
  6. Smithy37

    Ordered a Taycan Turbo S

    Green with red seatbelts!? My mother used to say red & green should never be seen! Only kidding. Car looks stunning & will blow your mind. Heavy spec too, so it’ll be a special place to sit in too. Looking forward to seeing the pictures in the flesh come June.
  7. Smithy37

    Blocking front wheel arch vents

    Do you both have the same wheels? Sure I read somewhere that the vents work in conjunction with a specific set of wheels to aid airflow & increase range. Might be mistaken though!
  8. Smithy37

    Performance drop with low SOC?

    Thanks. Thought it may have been independent to the cabin pre-heat. So I assume if you don’t pre-heat the car prior to driving but start driving the battery warms up because the cabin is warming and in turn, by consequence or specifically, warming the batteries? First BEV (owned plenty of...
  9. Smithy37

    Performance drop with low SOC?

    May be a silly question, but how did you preheat the battery?
  10. Smithy37

    Charging not stopping at 85%

    I didn’t need my car this morning so just set the timer to charge to 85% and it charged & switched off as expected. Definitely the pre-heat/cool causing it to run on as suspected. So I think the answer is we set our target charge lower to allow for this anomaly. Glad it’s not me being dumb.
  11. Smithy37

    Charging not stopping at 85%

    Thanks for confirming. When I got in the car it was at 91% so that’s a fair way above 85% target. I may back the target charge down to 80% to save me regularly going over 85%.
  12. Smithy37

    Charging not stopping at 85%

    Apologies if this has been posted before. I have searched but not found what I’m looking for. I have a timer set to charge the car to 85% by 8:30am on a weekday morning and to pre-heat the car to 21 degrees C. Every time I get in the car on a morning it is either still charging or has charged...
  13. Smithy37

    Performance drop with low SOC?

    My SOC was 30% today and it’s cold outside (1 degree C) and mine didn’t feel as sprightly as usual. Wasn’t all down to traction, or lack of, neither.
  14. Smithy37

    Illumination of buttons in instrument binnacle

    I’ve a MY21 and my diamond button doesn’t illuminate neither. It can be used to operate Homelink and you wouldn’t want it permanently lit once pressed as it’s a toggle switch not an on & off switch. So I assume as it’s a multi-function button they purposely chose it not to illuminate. I only...
  15. Smithy37

    Apple car play issue

    Yes. The PCM becomes an extension of your phone through CarPlay. Text messages, WhatsApp messages and phone calls all work. Just some of the cars buttons won’t behave in the way you think they should. I am just working my way through what does and what doesn’t. The functionality will still be...
  16. Smithy37

    Apple car play issue

    Yes, carplay will handle all the calls & messages unless you turn it off in the PCM. It’s not a perfect integration with the PCM by any means and I am still learning the little idiosyncrasies but on the whole it’s not a bad experience. What I’ve found is Waze will run in the background so if...
  17. Smithy37

    Apple car play issue

    I’ve been trying to get myTuner to start but although it opens the app it won’t auto play. I’m still messing around though & won’t be beaten.
  18. Smithy37

    Carplay Tidal

    I downloaded Tidal and activated the free trial (all in the name of research!) it then subsequently took £20 from my PayPal account. Turns out the free trial is for new customers only & I must have had an account a very long time ago!! Anyway, Tidal on CarPlay is just awful. I started a song &...
  19. Smithy37

    Number 37 appearing in HUD occasionally

    I have adaptive cruise and the HUD. Is that not the speed limit of the cruise control you have set? If not, I’ll take a look at mine when I’m next out and report back.
  20. Smithy37

    Door sill illumination

    My Turbo S has standard carbon illuminated kick plates. They are bright too and look good in the dark.