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  1. Genau

    ElectrifyAmerica :: Using the ConnectApp vs ChargingNA app ... your experiences?

    Just curious, why bother checking charger status in the EA app? Every time I have called the EA representative, they have been able to restart whichever charger I chose, no matter what the status on the charger screen.
  2. Genau

    ElectrifyAmerica :: Using the ConnectApp vs ChargingNA app ... your experiences?

    Thanks -- your work around for the Connect app charger map works! But the EA site near me in Ormond Beach, Florida has several chargers that always show up as unavailable in both the Connect App and the Charging America app. All of the 350 kW chargers always show as unavailable, along with one...
  3. Genau

    Carplay Tidal

    The ultimate comparison is Hot Like Dimes by Pretty Lights. If it's available on Tidal I'll compare to Apple Music.
  4. Genau

    Carplay Tidal

    Thanks Roy. How would you compare Tidal to Apple Music when both are via the USB cable? Is there a difference in quality if you select iPod mode instead of CarPlay? I'm using Apple Music via USB cable CarPlay and it sounds incredible on the Burmester sound system, but I'm curious if Tidal would...
  5. Genau

    Apple car play ?

    When you press the Device Manager icon (symbol of iPhone with a slash through it), do you get the option to select your iPhone either as CarPlay or iPod mode? Would be interesting if switching to iPod and back to CarPlay mode has any effect.
  6. Genau

    The 4S is back after full colour coding and PPS!

    Careful now. The custom shop I use has a McLaren hood for demonstrations. They scratched up one half with fine grit sandpaper and left the other half original, then applied STEK Dynoshield PPF. You cannot tell which side is which. And STEK requires no ceramic coat. There’s a segment of the...
  7. Genau

    Taycan 4S+ Cold weather experiences

    Does the camera cleaning feature have any effect? The screenshot below only mentions the thermal imaging camera, but elsewhere in the Good to Know app it says the camera cleaning works on the rear park assist camera.
  8. Genau

    12v Battery issue latest TSB: "An investigative analysis to resolve this matter is in process."

    The questionnaire embedded in the TSB is an Excel file, which we can't upload to this forum. Here's a PDF export of the Excel file.
  9. Genau

    Does anyone else with full PPF have a seam like this?

    I would imagine some installers will mistakenly use the templates for the wrong style of Taycan bumper, for example if a 4S is optioned with the Turbo/Turbo S bumpers.
  10. Genau

    Radiation EMF

    Personally I’m more alarmed by the large quantity of dihydrogen monoxide contained in the Taycan’s cooling system.
  11. Genau

    Teslatap doesn't work: "Error: Charging currently not possible"

    I never wait and charging starts immediately at public Tesla chargers. Perhaps the wait is only required on certain types of Tesla chargers? There's no mention of a handshake wait on the website for the TeslaTap:
  12. Genau

    US charger & install tax credit

    Hi Alex, please don't be offended, but I've been on this forum for about a year, and I've noticed that you are making a lot of posts for topics that have been extensively discussed on this forum. Just curious if you think the older posts are outdated, or is there some other reason you don't...
  13. Genau

    MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Wheel parts $9k. Tires, TPMS, ceramic coating, shipping, and installation are additional cost. For roughly $10k more, you can get carbon fiber wheel cylinders that drastically reduce unsprung weight and give greater lateral stiffness.
  14. Genau

    Cigarette lighter socket

    Yes, in the trunk. Also, anyone trapped back there can enjoy a last cigarette.
  15. Genau

    Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    I believe Porsche introduced the Sport Classic five-petal wheel design around 1971. How cool to have them updated for the Taycan half a century later! These are staggered 21" rear / 20" front. Details:
  16. Genau

    Taycan Wheel & Tire Specs -- Bolt Pattern, Center Bore, Thread Size, Offsets, Tire Sizes

    I'm told these are the largest rear tires ever installed on a Taycan, and they work perfectly. Here are the details compared to the original 20" Turbo Aero wheel set.
  17. Genau

    MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    When I park in public areas I keep coming out to the car and finding people staring at it in amazement. And all the thumbs up on the road . . . why is this color so rarely chosen?
  18. Genau

    Mamba Green Metallic Interior

    Check out the Paldao trim when you get a chance. Dull satin finish with very subtle grain. Next to the Olea Club leather and neodyme metal trim it just steps the interior up a few notches.
  19. Genau

    Mamba Green Metallic Interior

    Custom design by GlasWerks inspired by the Porsche sport classic wheels, engineered and manufactured by ForgeLine. I’ll post more in the wheels sub-forum but here’s a link.
  20. Genau

    Review my Taycan Turbo build please

    For comparison, here's a black caliper with the Porsche logo in matching Mamba Green. This is the smaller brake from the 4S, with a 20" wheel on the front and 21" on the rear.