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  1. Official: Base Taycan (RWD) Unveiled. Pricing starts in U.S. at $79,900

    Like I stated yesterday is this thread I'm totally not amused with this new variant. I'm configuring a 230K Turbo that for the untrained eye looks the same as a 80K car. The exclusive owning a Porsche feeling goes out the window.
  2. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    Like we said. 79.900$ is 66.000€
  3. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    😉 en voor mij is Engels schrijven geen dagelijkse kost.
  4. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    better comparison, but the Panamera starts around 100K over here (€). and will therefore also remain at a higher price level. If the speculation is to be correct the standard Taycan will drop below the 90K. And if they would also produce the front wheel drive Taycan, which I can’t imagine. The...
  5. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    I had to look that one up ☝🏻 😉.
  6. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    In my opinion if you look at both 911’s you mention there is a big difference in aesthetics. You pay extra for the turbo S but besides a bigger engine you immediately notice that with the air intakes, spoilers, etc that this a more dominant and sportier car than a standard 911. Also the...
  7. New Taycan model coming soon.. Taycan S

    The thing I'm most dissapointed about is that they all look the same. I assume the RWD Taycan will start somewhere around 80K € and if a front wheel drive version is to come it will be even cheaper. If they produce cheaper EV Taycans more people are able to buy them especially with the current...
  8. Confusion about charging cards(Europe)

    Thanks 95% of the time I will use the charger at my company or at home, but the other 5% can give a real headache. I'm interested how EV owners handle this. For example when I would drive to France or Italy and I would stay in a hotel that has charging stations, am I always able to use them or...
  9. Confusion about charging cards(Europe)

    When you receive your Taycan you also get a charging card from Porsche with your vehicle. I assume all the charging locations listed in the Porsche navigation system work with this card? They mention having around 100.000 charging points in Europe. There are also a lot of other companies that...
  10. Black and chalk interior....and is full leather a must?

    What do you mean by "full leather" is that an option in the US? We have leather, vegan, or Olea leather in Europe. I don't like the non-leather interior and I've seen both black and olea black leather side by side. Not that big of a difference. Olea has an olive oil based treatment and has less...
  11. Aftermarket rear diffuser

    Looking good Dee, now try getting rid of those ugly horizontal louvres and you're in business . Just a quick copy and paste. No photoshop on my computer, is that obvious?
  12. Just saying hi.. about to become a Turbo owner

    If I've been informed correctly and I think I am. Comfort Access is one of the features that can be activated afterwards. Porsche offers "Functions on demand", so this means if the hardware for the desired function is present in the car you can activate it. Your car will receive the...
  13. Just saying hi.. about to become a Turbo owner

    Should be available with FOD, so you can download and install it afterwards.
  14. Review my Taycan Turbo build please

    HUD; had it for the last 14 years in my BMW's. Really liked it. If it's turned off you immediately notice it, but this new high resolution display with all the necessay info and gagdets got me thinking. - High res screen in front of you, with speed indication, powerindicator, map, etc etc -...
  15. Aftermarket rear diffuser

    Small world afterall! Hasselt Zonhoven is a 15 min drive from here. Living in B just across the Dutch border. I already thought I noticed a Dutch/Belgian reference somewhere in an earlier contributed post I've read. Doesn't come to mind what it was about. Go Max....
  16. Aftermarket rear diffuser

    I have seen it, but only the front louvres and decided I saw enough.
  17. Aftermarket rear diffuser

    :) good observation. The answer is no, but I'm Dutch, living in Belgium. Although surprised about your statement on Limburg. What's the story behind that?
  18. Aftermarket rear diffuser

    Dee is a fellow countryman, so great minds think alike a assume;). He is on the right path, but the horizontal lines is what bothers me te most. It looks like Porsche spent time on every design aspect of the car but left the diffuser out. I'm sure this is much better in real life.
  19. Aftermarket rear diffuser

    If there is one thing I really dislike about the look of the Taycan it's the rear diffuser. I find the horizontal lines to ordinary and boring and it does not do justice to a sporty car like the Taycan. At Audi they understood this better, because although the E-tron GT is still camouflaged you...