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  1. SwissTaycan

    GOT My taycan today

    First off enjoy the new car! And yes I also did not get a “big green bar” on Regen until I had driven for some time. I can’t remember the mileage but yes one day it kicked in.
  2. SwissTaycan

    PCM Radio - Last source when restarting the car works except... (Apple Music question)

    Yeah this is one of my bugbears (along with the WIFI thread) of the functionality of PCM... I kind of prefer the integrated Apple Music to CarPlay. I was always a fan of CarPlay (wired in the past) but in Taycan the feel of (and look) of CarPlay somehow doesn’t fit the car. I do have the same...
  3. SwissTaycan

    Where's the WiFi Menu?

    I thought someone had already commented on this before, but the above is not accurate as you need to connect to the vehicle via WIFI for wireless Car Play. So for all MY 20 owners (even in the US), this should change once the software update comes? Or am I wrong here? Wireless Apple Car Play...
  4. SwissTaycan

    Advice for Dealer Pickup/Day 1?

    So joking aside, what @chrisk said is probbaly the most important one. Ask them to set up your Porsche ID with the car a day before you pick it up. Then it will install all of the updates overnight before you get it. My dealer was sick (with Covid) and how he normally does it. As a result I...
  5. SwissTaycan

    Advice for Dealer Pickup/Day 1?

    If you read the posts here regularly, you will know more about the car than your dealer :-)
  6. SwissTaycan

    Outside temperature and range

    That made me laugh @evanevery
  7. SwissTaycan

    Mustart Charger Review

    Thanks!!!!!!! P.S. My Porsche charger was free and included in the Swiss Package.
  8. SwissTaycan

    Mustart Charger Review

    Have not found a charger at this price in Europe. At that price point I would indeed put that in the frunk/froot for travelling just in case there is nothing faster close by. Everything I have seen is in the EUR1.000 range.
  9. SwissTaycan

    How to set to profile to only charge to 85%

    This is turning into quite a charged topic — pun intended. I think Porsche is just trying to give owners options and like so many things in life, too many options equates to confusion. Plus owning an EV requires a whole new set of knowledge akin to moving from a horse drawn carriage to an...
  10. SwissTaycan

    Apple Music icon missing

    It took a day (overnight) to show up for me. That being said it also disappears and reappears, but I think that has something to do with me being in an underground parking spot...
  11. SwissTaycan

    Normally Taycans fly low and hang tight to the ground. Mine has broken all records while reaching over 20 miles or 32kms. over sea level.

    I had that once on a 991.2 Targa 4S about two years ago and then slowly descended back to my actual altitude...
  12. SwissTaycan

    Quick 4S Review - 4 1/2 days in :-)

    Ha! You got the same color as I did with the same delivery date! Agree with everything you said. Have figured out my PCM now by sitting in the garage in the car including the pre-heat. My first charge also worked out. To me it feels like you really need to dig deep in every option that...
  13. SwissTaycan

    Pre-cooling/heating mind of it’s own

    This kind of fits to the „Seat heating automatically“ post that is also recently added to the Forum. I seem to have both problems... NC_Taycan‘s fix does not seem to apply to me as the car has been warm despite no setting asking it to pre-heat the car... I also am concerned about messing...
  14. SwissTaycan

    Seat heating automatically?

    I think that happens when your Connect app cannot connect to the car... I have this problem as my car is in an underground parking... There is WIFI there but oddly may car does not seem to have the option to connect to an external WIFI. I am also having the heated seat problem and the car...
  15. SwissTaycan

    2021 Taycan Driver Manual [PDF, German and French]

    I must be old fashioned as I still find this easier to use than the Good to Know app..
  16. SwissTaycan

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    So working from home and I get a call from my Porsche dealer at 09:30 this morning. Well we have a Christmas present for you: you can collect your car tomorrow the 23rd. So some scrambling to get insurance, registration and oh yeah the payment on track within 90 minutes to not miss the cutoff...
  17. SwissTaycan

    My impressions after a week…and some tips'n'tricks😉

    Hmmh can‘t recognise the mountain range behind your lovely car :-) Enjoy. I have 2 more weeks to wait!
  18. SwissTaycan

    Tail light modifications from Thailand (video) - sequential turn signals and dynamic reverse lights

    I wonder if there is some “complicated” legal restriction that requires a global homologation procedure to allow it. That being said it should be possible as Audi does have this type of signal indicator... It does look cool though!!!!
  19. SwissTaycan

    2021 Taycans being delivered this year (Dec 2020)?

    My 4S is arriving in Switzerland in week 53 and then handed over in week 1 or 2. So I am hoping it is week 1 to start 2021 with more fun compared to most of 2020!!!!
  20. SwissTaycan

    Porsche Taycan Gets Widebody Kit From Prior Design

    Also agree... Yeah it is kind of fun to look at briefly and then your rational head thinks... nutty. Probably reduces your range by 50 % LOL..