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  1. Camera and helicopter view

    Thanks, but I think the question is how to make the "normal" reverse view the default, rather than having to press the button to change fisheye to normal. On my car, both the from and reverse cameras default to normal, but based upon Gubbjaevel's original pictures (and what a lot of people on...
  2. Consumption

    Cool (as it clearly was when you charged!), thanks. That's good to know the car doesn't become a milk float when it gets cold. There's so much still left to learn about this car. This forum should really be made essential reading for dealerships.
  3. Consumption

    Thanks for this, really helpful. When you say “turtle mode”, was the turtle symbol showing on the dash? I understand that happens when you get below 5% charge and essentially only let’s you coast the car to a charger at very low speeds. Would e slightly concerning if that also happens at 38%...
  4. Rear spoiler will not reposition itself

    Definitely not model year specific since mine is a 2020. Pushed back my dealer appointment to repair this end of February now.
  5. Consumption

    It’s all about battery temperature. If I start with a battery temp of about 12C or less, my consumption is around the 45-50 kWh/100miles level for around the first 30 miles or so before it begins to settle down.
  6. Camera and helicopter view

    No worries, I'll take a look, but I didn't proactively do anything - the car has had the normal view as the default since delivery. I would've thought that's the way it's meant to be since the fisheye in only for looking around corners.
  7. Camera and helicopter view

    I’ve seen a lot of posts asking to change the view form curved to normal. Am I the only one who has normal as the default? I think that is how it is meant to work, with the curved (fisheye) being an option if you are at a tight junction and want to see around corners, which is quite useful. I...
  8. Weird Porsche Connect Notifications

    I wonder if there has been some very minor OTA update (which may explain my notification). So far, apart from map updates, the only OTA update I have had has been the incredibly useful change in colour of the Apple Music logo. Anything more complicated requires a dealer visit.
  9. Weird Porsche Connect Notifications

    Yesterday and today, I've started receiving some strange notifications on Porsche Connect. The main one being: rbatterycharge_v1_statusDataChanged. Had it four times now in the last 24 hours. The car is plugged-in but not charging. Had the car since July, but first time I've seen these...
  10. are all rear cameras this bad?

    Yes. *calling taxi*
  11. Simple way to measure useable battery capacity?

    1. means Porsche probably expects my range to get even worse pretty quickly, and 2. means I have a dud, so really, really hoping it's 3... There was some speculation on this forum ages ago that at some point in time the usable capacity was increased by Porsche (possibly around the time of the...
  12. Qualifying the "Porsche Expert" at your dealership...

    Seriously, if I asked my dealer "when's the next oil change" they'd have to take it up the chain and I'd hear back in about a week.
  13. are all rear cameras this bad?

    Ah, that makes sense. The ghost Merc is just in my garage then.
  14. are all rear cameras this bad?

    Unless you actually have a possessed, purple glowing Merc in your garage, it looks like your camera isn’t working properly. Maybe an issue with the IR filters (although I really don’t know what I’m talking about). Anyway, the video shouldn’t look like that with a clean camera so you should...
  15. brand new Taycan Turbo - creases on seat bolster ok?

    It's really difficult - I'd be p:ssed if I got my car in that condition, but, to be honest, there's a decent chance the seat bolsters will crease-up eventually - my driver's side doesn't look much different (I have black seats though so less noticeable). Now I have no idea whether it was like...
  16. Can you preheat car, heat seats and steering wheel using the Porsche connect app?

    The app is garbage. You have to wait until the green light appears in the top left before you start pre-heating/cooling. The app actually seemingly let’s you start pre-heat/cool when it is red, but even though the app shows the pre-heat/cool to be operating (including the countdown) the car...
  17. Please Welcome Stealth

    Congrats. Really pleased you are enjoying your car finally - it seems like an age.
  18. How to reboot PCM?

    Near the home button - hold two fingers for about 2/3 seconds.
  19. Performance drop with low SOC?

    12C (54F) is actually still pretty cold in terms of battery temp. I’m totally guessing, but if you drive around in sport plus for a bit and get the battery up into the 20Cs (more than 68F), I’d hope you’d get closer to full power even at 50% SoC. If you only charge to 85%, it would be pretty...
  20. Performance drop with low SOC?

    You may be on to something there - I wonder if battery temperature has a big effect. Perhaps if you flip the car into sports plus for a while, which warms up the battery to improve performance, you can drag back some of that performance loss when under 50% SoC. Ah, but then obviously you lose...