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    Taycan Client Software Development Page 22
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    Taycan Client Software Development

    can you point me to a blog article or video, where they mention it?
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    Taycan Client Software Development

    what I really miss much more is some diagnostics software (via OBD). Durametic is too old, VCDS and OBD11 are supporting nearly any VAG brand from Bentley to Lamborghini, but nearly nothing from Porsche even if some ECU Data from latest Cayenne Battery would behave very similar to the Taycan's...
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    Taycan Client Software Development

    not necessary! the plain web interface from is already quite rich, there is nothing I'm missing what is included in the App. Very easy to check with every browser by hitting "F12". if you need a starting point in code, search...
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    Front fender vents

    interestingly enough I checked some cars and saw that even with the Panamera there are versions with a closed and open fender (S Hybrid) vent and of course there is no electric front charge door. Brake cooling could be another feature which isn't of much importance for a Taycan (IMHO).
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    Front fender vents

    old thread, but it just popped up on facebook. Never checked that before but the "vent" in the finder of my turbo with electric charge door is completely closed. that's pretty fooling customers with these nice "air curtain" pics and promise low cw numbers. so this is not true:
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    Performance drop with low SOC?

    I think you can not compare Taycan Performance with Tesla. At least not with Model S. They suffer with every single % of SoC loss. Taycan's power ouput is kept to a constant at least until 50% SoC (and okay temp)
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    Performance drop with low SOC?

    it would help so much, if there would be a diagnostic tool like available for BMW and VW, Audi, Tesla etc. Afaik you can at least check for actual currents from HV Battery with Cayenne (S hybrid) diagnostic tools.
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    Taycan PCM Simulator site link

    has anyone tried to get from sport chrono any kind of useful feature? it doesn't seem to get GPS finish lines, nor does it connect with the track precision app. only the feature set of a mechanical stop watch.
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    Apple Music icon missing

    seems that Taycan PCM has several reconnect issues after weak or no LTE parking. Apple Music, personal account settings, nav settings etc.
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    Turbo ordered - freeze date tomorrow ( 22nd Dec ) - missed anything??

    I think I regret not have taken the colored seat belts...
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    Just saying hi.. about to become a Turbo owner

    which (x 1,10 -> EUR) is a lot below the german base price of 149.000 EUR. 😲 my dealer told me it should be coming in 2021. many manual are already mentioning it...
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    Rear Light bar - keeping it on without having the headlights on

    I asked them: Answer: The Durametric Software currently supports Porsche models through 2015. Support for newer models will be added with future software updates. However, no timeline for release is yet available.
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    Taycan Order Tracking Via App is Coming Soon Says Porsche

    got it someone to work with a Taycan delivery?
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    PSCB Brake Order Delay

    this is the current configurator showing: this is it actually looking: I can understand the disappointment.
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    PSCB Brake Order Delay

    only front disc is downgraded from 10 to 6 calipers and slightly smaller disc