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  1. PNWTaycan4S

    Electrify AMERICA - Anyone having trouble getting free charging at the local level?

    My EA experience is batting about 50% for working on the first try, using the CA app. One location usually works on the first try. Others have never worked without a call to EA to get them to initiate the charge remotely. In one case the app wouldn’t link to the charger, due to the EA location...
  2. PNWTaycan4S


    If money no object; Turbo S. However, you can load up a 4S with lots of option goodies, enjoy it as your everyday driver, and have money to spare for great wine, fine dinners, and cool Airbnb’s on many road trips. I have the 4S with no regrets, plenty fast for me.
  3. PNWTaycan4S

    Mission E Wheels or Taycan Exclusive Wheels for 4S buyers?

    Went with Exclusive with high gloss black to match window trim and mirror base. Also high gloss black on PSCB. Love it, including no more brake dust on the wheels!
  4. PNWTaycan4S

    Rear Axle Steering....not needed, nice to have, or must have?

    A must have, can’t imagine being without it. Handling is terrific and you’ll pay for it in one tight u-turn.
  5. PNWTaycan4S

    New EPA range estimates for 2021 Taycan

    While heavy of foot, not heavy of heart! Range works great for me on my 4S+.
  6. PNWTaycan4S

    Recuperation Button

    I use it in hilly Seattle quite a bit, also as a downshift. It would be much better however for Porsche to include recuperation with a paddle. We have this on our $40k Kia Nero EV. With the Nero you can “downshift” and “upshift” at several levels with paired paddles, adjusting the percentage...
  7. PNWTaycan4S

    Buzzing sound from control panel?

    The big buzz showed up in my Taycan last week. Loud and annoying. Car has been fault free. Can’t yet seem to track down where it is coming from. Did you trace it down yet?
  8. PNWTaycan4S

    Installed roof rack and bike carrier to carry mountain bike - the big experiement

    Best not to tighten up one side first, go back and forth to get them set. Once set, second install is easy.
  9. PNWTaycan4S

    Installed roof rack and bike carrier to carry mountain bike - the big experiement

    This is the setup that I also have, Porsche crossbars just with a different Thule bike rack. Works perfect. Also works to give Santa some delivery help!
  10. PNWTaycan4S

    Active Lane Keeping - Poor Experience

    Innodrive and Active Lane are not at the level of other cars, really quite dangerous in my opinion. Like a wandering drunk, who brakes unexpectedly. Really bad if you forget to nuke the speed sign recognition at each startup. I keep it off, except for old school speed control. I miss the...
  11. PNWTaycan4S

    "WBA Limited" warnings...

    I’ve had the WBA show up just in the last several weeks also, in a variety of situations. Goes away quickly. Fall weather conditions. Appreciate the thread, I’ll monitor the circumstances.
  12. PNWTaycan4S

    Electrify America network expansion -- Arizona and I-40

    Finally coming on the Olympic Peninsula at Port Angeles. Tough to head West of Portland and cruise along the Oregon coast, or West of Seattle to do a Peninsula cruise at the moment, unless you bring along a zillion packs of D cell batteries... Great to see some expansion!
  13. PNWTaycan4S

    Poll: Electrify America Failure Rate

    Perhaps legacy car maker vs. Silicon Valley startup. It does seem that all their cables need to be about 2’ longer and not at dead end stalls. I had to wrestle the cable like an alligator, get it between my legs to get it straight, in order to plug in today. Would be easy if I wanted to block...
  14. PNWTaycan4S

    Poll: Electrify America Failure Rate

    For me it’s been hit and miss. One midway on the way to the beach is very reliable and, until their are a zillion ID 4’s lined up to use them. has never had a wait. Others I’ve tried have had their challenges connecting app to charger. Today at a stop, 2 of the 4 350’s were offline, and the...
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    Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    Thule bike rack to Porsche Taycan crossbars.
  16. PNWTaycan4S

    Six 2020 Turbos & One 4S the Lot

    Porsche Bellevue.
  17. PNWTaycan4S

    Six 2020 Turbos & One 4S the Lot

    Maybe folks are picking 4S and Turbo S?
  18. PNWTaycan4S

    First thoughts on my 4S

    Interesting settings from Porsche at the factory. I’ve driven my Volvo V60 Polestar up and down the hill from my house for four years. Every once in a while if I’m booking it, the collision warning lights come on. in the 4S, the lights and brakes come on together much more frequently. Not a...
  19. PNWTaycan4S

    Convince me to make the change!

    If you’ve got the cash, do the dash. It’s the most amazing toy you’ll have fun in since, for me and I suspect you, a long time ago. Smooth, beautiful, ballistically fast, and drives better in many ways than my 964. A joy in these wacky times. Take the plunge and don’t look back!