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  1. From V250 to delivery in US

    Ask your sales person for a copy of the tracking page for the "Porsche Sales and Mangement System." This will show you the the planned dates, expected dates, and actual dates for the various steps in the order tracking process. These dates are not in stone and will shift during the process...
  2. From V250 to delivery in US

    My experience so far(actual dates): V250 10/22 V260 11/04 Entry body shop V300 11/10 Exit production V331 11/12 Entry Port of Emden V332 11/24 Exit Port of Emden Entry Port of San Diego 12/18 Delivery ?? next week or two. I tracked it from Emden and the Panama Canal was a 1 day experience.
  3. New EPA range estimates for 2021 Taycan

    The Porsche USA site now lists the following under "Technical Specs" as the new EPA Ranges for the 2021 model year: 4S performance battery : 199 miles 4S performance battery+ : 227 miles Turbo : 212 miles Turbo S : 201 miles