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  1. exav8tor

    Vibration and rattling sounds from the interior . . .

    Yes I have the same problem. Took into the dealer early December and thought it had been resolved however after a little while the noise re-appeared. What I noticed is that if you adjust the seat - move it up down and down and back and forth the noise stops for a while. Have mine booked into...
  2. exav8tor

    Rear spoiler will not reposition itself

    I have the same issue now and have it booked into dealer on 8th Feb. It was fine when first got the car but noticed it after some months.
  3. exav8tor

    brand new Taycan Turbo - creases on seat bolster ok?

    I have the same issue but on the passenger seat. However, mine does not appear to be as pronounced as yours. I find it interesting we have the same colour combination white external and red seats - could it be specific to the red leather ? I have it booked into the dealer on 8th Feb to look at...
  4. exav8tor

    Emergency Call function error

    Interestingly I too received this exact error a couple of days ago. The red light is on next to the call button, the error shows every time I turn on the car and I cannot use the voice commands or phone. It appears there is no sound recognition or sound output when the phone is connected on a...
  5. exav8tor


    Mine are 20-Inch Turbo Aero.
  6. exav8tor

    (UK) Charging, extras and home installation. I don’t get it

    Sounds like you have drawn the short straw here, just make sure you get to drive it too! Firstly you definitely need a home charger setup, this would be 7Kw on a single phase supply and generally requires dedicated cabling from a fuse board. Using a standard 3 pin socket is not really workable...
  7. exav8tor


    The variance in consumption, similar to ICE, can vary significantly depending upon outside temperature, internal battery temperature, internal load ( air con, heated seats etc.), drive mode/style and length of journey. Below are my best case, worse case and average over 2500 miles, covering...
  8. exav8tor

    Taycan PCM Simulator site link

    Came across this PCM simulator site for the taycan today: Hope it helps those that haven't got their cars yet to have a look around at the potential settings or those trying to find options .
  9. exav8tor

    Director as registered keeper rather than the limited company

    It is a little frustrating that the different dealer groups appear to have different policies regarding the V5 but glad you have got it sorted. When do you get to collect the car?
  10. exav8tor

    Director as registered keeper rather than the limited company

    Sorry to hear your having a challenge also. Mine was a cash purchase and so it was just down to the group policy. It is probably worth a call to the finance company to get their view on it as it did make a difference to the insurance quotes.
  11. exav8tor

    Is this the dreaded 12v battery issue?

    Really sorry to hear that yours didn’t recover after leaving it for a while, that is really not good. Please do let me know how you get on.
  12. exav8tor

    Driver seat squeaks

    I have the same issue with 14 way comfort seats. Am taking it into dealer tomorrow to investigate. Will let you know what they come up with.
  13. exav8tor

    Is this the dreaded 12v battery issue?

    Took it in for the campaign update and so asked the Dealer to check into it, they said that they took a look and could not find any issues or errors recorded. Thankfully I have not had the issue happen again and have done a further 1500 miles since it happened.
  14. exav8tor

    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    Check out the octopusev they offer a discount on install for the EO mini and also discount on the Ohme charger. I have both of them and they work well. Am awaiting install of smart meter to switch to the GO Ev tariff. According to the details you can set both...
  15. exav8tor

    Power Steering Plus

    I didn’t order power steering plus on my 4S and as you say I noticed that the steering was heavier than BMW. However having driven 1300 miles am used to it and it is great a higher speed and feels so solid round corners. The BMW now feels too light. I was told by the dealer the power steering...
  16. exav8tor

    Is this the dreaded 12v battery issue?

    Sorry to hear that, It has only done it once on me and leaving it cleared the issue. I do have it booked into Dealer on 22nd for software update and they said they would look into it then. Will let you know what they say.
  17. exav8tor

    Is this the dreaded 12v battery issue?

    Maybe I should persuade the wife to get one as well and we can have twin gate guardians.
  18. exav8tor

    Is this the dreaded 12v battery issue?

    Thanks @louv - tried your trick and it worked. Fault is no longer showing and the 2 tonne of metal is no longer a garden ornament :)
  19. exav8tor

    Is this the dreaded 12v battery issue?

    Just done a 120 miles trip and all was well, parked up for about 40 mins and then went to go back out and car showing “Electrical system fault, park vehicle safely”. Everything seems to light up but it will not engage any drive forward or backward. P