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  1. Tesla Model S Plaid+ on the website for configuration

    But that’s the point, they are just numbers. Tesla has the numbers, but go ahead and drive one and see what the “total experience” is. Even the M3P which is the “best” is still nothing like a real sports car, in terms of feel, performance, details and fitness. The Taycan has all the refinement...
  2. I took my Huracan out after 2 months....I missed the Taycan

    Love the color of your Lambo first and foremost. I know what you mean, honestly McLaren and the R8 feel “slow” compared to the TTS. BUT I can still feel the weight of the car when I push it. For all its magic those other cars still feel more “nimble” around turns. So maybe throw around the Lambo...
  3. Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    thanks just checked at VER:2020.11.10.2137 and no change, works perfectly.
  4. Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    I wonder if there are variations in the units based on when they were made and/or there have been firmware updates in the Taycan. I know mine was updated to the “latest” around 3 weeks ago and the adapter has been working flawlessly since the initial firmware update that supported the Taycan...
  5. Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    Mine is still working for what it’s worth, I’ll check for an update later and report.
  6. New Taycan teething problems

    Do you have any profiles or charging timers enabled? Remember you don’t want to charge to 100% unless you need to, so either use a charging profile to set a “minimum” charge level you want when you depart or use departure times with a specific charge level. It may be you have a profile enabled...
  7. Taycan 4s parked on snow rolling forward - how why and wtf??

    Not saying this is the issue, but there is a big difference between summer tires in snow and having regular or all season tires. Its not about having special winter tires, rather how summer tires in snow will become very hard and brittle and may slide. In fact summer tires in snow will probably...
  8. Tail light modifications from Thailand (video) - sequential turn signals and dynamic reverse lights

    I would be interested, but the dramatic music and annoying edits kind of makes me say no....
  9. Rear Axle Steering....not needed, nice to have, or must have?

    Not must have, but do it if you can. It makes the turn radius of the car defy the laws of physics. Just for that alone, not counting for improvements in performance, its worth it.
  10. Data - PCM question

    Actually I have the same and its very confusing. I can do everything remote, but I think only way the PCM connection goes green is IF you connect to the WiFi hotspot of the car.
  11. Taycan Turbo Cold Weather Range Test

    Generally pre warming the battery draws a lot of power and it is not efficient enough in range increase for the car to do without being plugged in. What I mean is you will lose more range from the power draw to warm up than you will gain, so its not worth it. However if you have the car plugged...
  12. 1st Day new owner basic questions!

    My suggestion is if you need to charge higher than 85% use departure time as much as possible, that way the car will charge to 100% close to the time you set off and it doesn’t sit at 100% charge. The main concern is to let the car sit at full charge for long periods of time.
  13. Collecting my first Porsche

    Many congrats and happy that it was such a great handover experience.
  14. Regeneration in Range mode

    Yup, I’ll let other owners chime in as I don’t have those breaks. Was just checking the basics that others may also ask. Thanks.
  15. Looking to buy, but how worried should I be about this 12V issue....

    I think it’s unknown, I only use app for profiles and timers, I always have car plugged in so I can remotely start a charge or get car ready for trip. I do have a the default profile on and set to min charge of 40%. not had the 12v battery issue yet, but I also did just have a bunch of updates...
  16. Regeneration in Range mode

    Are you seeing no regen in the center power meter? Even when you use break or turn on regen mode? And I assume this is at all charge levels?
  17. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    ITs not that one, its in “settings->vehicle->light and visibility->interior Yup this is how bad it is, even when not grayed out you need multiple steps to get to it. Shaking my head...
  18. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    there is a master interior brightness which is not in the interior light menu (I have no idea why).this adjusts all the displays and actually has a wide range. The individual adjustments seem to be for “relative” brightness. but the master adjust is in a menu that grays while moving, so unlike...
  19. Charging target creeping up

    The reason I posted about balancing is I have on occasion seen a 1 or 2% miss in the same environment right at end of charging. This would not be difference in temperature, but the balancing is triggered as needed, so it won’t happen all the time. Depending on algorithm used the balancing is...
  20. Charging target creeping up

    Another potential reason may be cell balancing. Cell balancing is a process of charging some cells while draining others to make sure the entire pack is in optimal balance. It is theoretically possible to go over the charge slightly by balancing.