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  1. T-Fury

    New EPA range estimates for 2021 Taycan

    Not an expert here, but from what I’ve read the EPA has several testing protocols. Frequently used are a 2 cycle and a 5 cycle test. If a manufacturer chooses the simplified 2 cycle the EPA takes the number the car achieves and derates it to 70%. I believe Porsche chose the 2 cycle test for the...
  2. T-Fury

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    I completely agree. It can be tough to tell in photos, but mine are painted white. I thought they looked great on the Mission E concept and I just had to have them. I was worried at first how they would survive but after 2,000 miles they’re still in excellent condition. Obviously the car turns a...
  3. T-Fury

    Time to Say Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Electrons.

    Thanks for all your contributions to the forum over the past year @louv Your continental journey and other sagas kept me sane and helped pass the time while I waited for my car. I wish you luck on whatever your next adventure might be!
  4. T-Fury

    Glacier Blue - Decisions

    Personally, I think the glacier blue daytime running lights would look really nice with chalk. I debated the same thing on my carrara white and worried it would be over the top but it turns out it’s actually quite subtle. From the front they look 100% white. It’s only from the side that you get...
  5. T-Fury

    Porsche Connect Application

    @svp6 Have you ever been able to connect to the car from the app in general? For instance, can you change to direct charging from the app and have that actually change in the car? I was finally able to remote start my climate system this morning, but I feel it’s been hit or miss lately. I’m just...
  6. T-Fury

    Porsche Connect Application

    Honestly I hadn’t messed with climate control until you mentioned it. I tried it and it doesn’t currently work for me. I received some kind of error message. Maybe I too need the security package! :CWL: When we bought our e-Tron remote climate control was a mess early on but it was eventually...
  7. T-Fury

    Porsche Connect Application

    @Scotty When I got my car I did have to “purchase” those services through the Porsche connect store, but they were free for three years on checkout. After “purchasing” them a bunch of Connect services finally activated for me. Before “purchasing” them most of the remote services were not...
  8. T-Fury

    Noises driving me nuts

    I have one particularly loud and annoying rattle from the passenger door. It‘s proportional to volume on the stereo and harsh roads. Whenever I or a passenger apply pressure to the arm rest it disappears. So, I’m assuming it’s a contact point or something internal like a clip. I’ll have them...
  9. T-Fury

    Vehicle removed

    From the main PCM screen you should see your user name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Select that and then click the accounts submenu. From there you’ll see a list of users. In my car the top lists guest and then under that is my user name. There are three dots to the right of...
  10. T-Fury

    Vehicle removed

    When I called they said quite a bit of maintenance was going on so they weren’t surprised and had heard of other issues. They are hoping the effort will improve things. They had to resend activation for the car via e-mail. I then needed to delete my profile in the PCM and log back in but...
  11. T-Fury

    Vehicle removed

    Thank you for your replies. I must have just been the lucky winner on this occasion. I’ll give them a call and see if they’ll digitally return my car :)
  12. T-Fury

    Vehicle removed

    This morning I woke up to an email from Porsche stating my Taycan had been removed from my account. When I logged into the My Porsche app I found this to be true. This also killed the connect app, which I cannot log into at this point. My profile was still loaded in the car this morning but I’m...
  13. T-Fury

    Thermal/Sound insulated windshield (Radar Detectors and Transponders)

    Well that was my exact plan for a radar detector. Too bad it had a hard time picking up signal from the front. Please keep us posted if the printed mount works better. Haven’t been pulled over yet but I’ve had a couple of times where it would have been nice to know who was lurking around the corner!
  14. T-Fury

    A trip report - Santa Cruz to Thunderhill and back again

    Happy to hear you had a good trip! I too have seen around 3.2 miles/kWh highway cruising with my turbo and mission E wheels, which I’m extremely happy with. I have a set of turbo aero wheels with winter performance tires and I’m going to be interested to see how things change when those go on...
  15. T-Fury

    Car died over night…

    Sorry you had to go through this @daveo4EV Thanks for putting together such detailed documentation for them. I truly hope they can get to this bottom of this. Suspecting this issue hadn’t been fully fixed I ordered a lithium battery charger recently /sigh
  16. T-Fury

    Wonky consumption data

    Just bumping this again. Same thing happened yesterday in the middle of a trip—I hadn’t stopped the car or anything. Just driving along on the highway and all of a sudden the consumption value went to 0. I assume this is a software bug and maybe it’s somehow related to me changing the units to...
  17. T-Fury

    Winter tyres or wheels+tyres for Nordic countries

    I had intended to run the Mission E wheels year round and drive our wagon with studless snow tires when it was particularly nasty out, but I really like driving the Taycan and I don't think I would have kept that promise to myself! I just had PPF put on the Taycan and I asked about putting PPF...
  18. T-Fury

    Wonky consumption data

    I was on a long range drive this morning and I was tracking my consumption in mi/kWh with interest. I was doing about 72 mph and was getting 3.1 mi/kWh in range mode while on the highway, which I found agreeable considering the open face 21 inch mission E wheels on my car. I turned off the...
  19. T-Fury

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    Thanks @kingy I ended up going with black leather for the interior with dark silver accents. I had wanted to do a light two tone such as the Olea beige but with a little kiddo my wife and I thought it would be a loosing battle with keeping it nice.
  20. T-Fury

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    Finally picked her up last week! The wait was painful for me, ha. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the forum to keep me patiently occupied for the past year. Time for some solar powered joy rides...