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  1. rolfbesard

    Porsche Charging Lounge experience

    I mean that the design of the lounge locations could be a little nicer and chicer...
  2. rolfbesard

    Porsche Charging Lounge experience

    not impressed...
  3. rolfbesard

    22kW On-board AC charger - Are there still issues?

    Certainly there are still many problems, if you look at other forums and Taycan groups on Facebook, there are a lot of problems with the Unbard charger. At the beginning of December there was an on-board network failure on my CS. 12 volt battery almost empty and my car was simply dead. I was...
  4. rolfbesard

    EV Macan?

    Press release new Macan EV will be on 25 januari 2024. just got confirmation of my Porsche center.
  5. rolfbesard

    New software update coming? Anyone?

    maybe just make the PCM work faster without lag... surely this is outdated to have such a slow interface!?
  6. rolfbesard

    Please help me with the interior color for ice grey gts

    White is unique and nice. Black is easier to maintain and resell value will be higher.
  7. rolfbesard

    Any good contact for rims repair shop in Belgium ?

    banden deboosere is the best and very well know for repairing rimms ;) region of Kortrijk