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  1. Jonathan S.

    Charger Installation Q

    Our home charger installation was relatively simple since we have a 200a panel. (Snaking the line from the panel in the basement ski workshop to the garage was another matter! Fortunately the quote in advance was fixed-fee, since it took two person-days, one of which was two electricians...
  2. Jonathan S.

    AmpUp L2 not on PlugShare?

    Drove our daughter today to meet a friend in The Big City. Okay, so a northern suburb of Boston, but either way, far bigger than western Mass. Seemed like the roundtrip would leave little margin in cold temps so looked at PlugShare for L2 options during the 2.5 hrs she’d be wandering about with...
  3. Jonathan S.

    FS: Luggage Compartment Partition Net

    As the on-line configurator states: "Luggage net for the rear compartment that is hung from the roof lining to separate the occupants from luggage in the rear." I had this in my theoretical new spec, and it happened to come with my used CT. The other day, I reached for a nondescript long...
  4. Jonathan S.

    EA: It all makes sense now!

    Or rather, it all made sense back in January 2020. More precisely, it was made sense of back in January 2020 via this article: … combined with the benefit of almost four years of increasingly...
  5. Jonathan S.

    BP to install chargers in U.S. that actually work
  6. Jonathan S.

    "Free HV Heater Replacement for Your Taycan Now Available at your Porsche Center"

    Can I reasonably expect that this will be done in a single day? The nearest dealer is an hour away, so I don't want to have to return another day.
  7. Jonathan S.

    Do you have EV-specific license plates?

    Vote once, vote often!
  8. Jonathan S.

    Magic Dock Road Trip: MA > CT > NYC

    Part 1: Planning & Packing The Brewster NY Magic Dock was in the original rollout. But somehow I’d never noticed that it takes me something like only one minute longer than my usual route from Western Mass to NYC. Like almost all Tesla Superchargers stations, located along an interstate...
  9. Jonathan S.


    Must have been here: ... which receives strong reviews on both PlugShare and Google, although according to the caption: "This charging station in Grovetown, Ga., was overcrowded. An electric school bus that was driving on a statewide clean-energy road...
  10. Jonathan S.

    Error message in error: right charger port/flap/cover open

    My new-to-me 2022 4CT arrived Friday 3:10am, title arrived ~noon, registered by 5pm (barely, long wait!), drove this weekend locally, then fun driving this weekend. (Composing this while daughter is engaged in an art project at Mass MOCA.) Had just enough time for a state inspection this...
  11. Jonathan S.

    For Sale, $195 for set of four 20” summer tires

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 NFO OEM summer tires in the usual staggered 245/45R20 + 285/40R20. Wear is even, and no sidewall damage. Upon taking delivery on September 1 of my new-to-me 4CT, I measured ~8/32” to ~9/32” front and ~7/32” to ~8/32” rear. This is using all-purpose digital calipers though...
  12. Jonathan S.

    Recs for Scissor Jack and Other Emergency Items

    My forum searching has found lots of discussions for floor jacks, but almost nothing for scissor jacks. I bought this for my wife’s BMW i4 M50: The lifting pad/interface measures 32mm x 50mm...
  13. Jonathan S.

    Used 4CT Feedback Request -- Bellevue WA & Deerfield Beach FL

    Time to get serious. And big time TIA for any feedback – whether useful or just amusing! Spreadsheet link: First tab/page has all 62 used 4CT listings that I could find. Second has details for two contenders – Bellevue WA and Deerfield Beach FL -- meeting my min...
  14. Jonathan S.

    Puddle Lights, Practicality Thereof (U.S. market)

    Apologies in advance if I'm missing the definitive answer. But this old post: ... seems to be the definitive formulation on the practicality of the $330 puddle lights option...
  15. Jonathan S.

    Purchasing and registering a Taycan (or any other EV) in your small business name

    Anyone else contemplating this? Now that the $7,500 EV purchase credit has been expanded for some vehicles and discontinued for others, I was curious about how the publicized EV lease credit worked. So I looked up the details...
  16. Jonathan S.

    Help me waste money on my theoretical Taycan! (i.e., 4CT build thread)

    Help me waste money on my theoretical Taycan! (i.e., 4CT build thread) Come on now, play along, everyone just loves a build thread! First, some caveats as to how this might stay theoretical: The BMW i4 M50 might satisfy my profligate desire to waste money on an EV to supplement our two ICE...