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  1. bn8959

    bp Pulse on Porsche charging

    This could be useful.
  2. bn8959

    Alarm activating on approach

    My Taycan is about 5 months old. In the last couple of weeks Ive had 4 instances of the alarm activating when it shouldn't. Every time its been as I approach the car, usually when parked at home and walking out of my garage towards the car outside. Every time I've been about 3 metres from the...
  3. bn8959

    Sudden drop in SoC when setting DCFC destination in PCM

    Odd thing happened today. Was on a longish round trip. As I was about 45 mins from my final destination I saw the PCM was showing an estimated SoC of 10% at arrival and I had 30% SoC at that moment. I decided to make a stop at a DCFC just to be safe, and I knew I had an errand to run when I got...
  4. bn8959

    Macan EV appears to have single speed transmission, unlike Taycan

    I know its a question that's been asked here, but I spotted this on the Macan EV configurator:
  5. bn8959

    Profiles DO limit SoC (it seems)

    I don’t know if this is ‘new’ or changed behaviour, but always understood that you needed that irritating combination of a profile and a timer set in order to limit the SoC to a chosen number. If you didn’t have either correctly set, then it would charge to 100%. Over on the MiEnergi forum...
  6. bn8959

    High-voltage system not de-energised

    Anyone seen this message on startup and stop? Brand new (today) MY24 GTS Sport Turismo. Pops with red message on dash at start up. Can simply be dismissed and everything appears to be ok. Possibly left in a workshop mode?
  7. bn8959

    Windscreen protection film

    Does anyone have any experience with windscreen protection film - for example: Invisible Windscreen Protection Film – Clearplex UK I was considering getting it done alongside my full PPF. However I am not sure if it may negatively affect the Thermal & Noise insulating privacy glass option...
  8. bn8959

    Option choices compromises

    One of my challenges when specifying my GTS was knowing exactly what any possible negative impact was for any given option choice - were there any hidden compromises that weren't clear on the configurator? Some are completely obvious - as you can't select them - for example, adding 18-way...
  9. bn8959

    ACC, Remote Park and Innodrive unavailable to order

    My order has very recently locked, but I cant help myself playing with the configurator every day (Im still gutted I couldn't order PCCBs on my ST GTS - keeping an eye if the option ever comes back). But today I spotted that ACC, Remote Park and Innodrive unavailable to order (in the UK at...
  10. bn8959

    GTS roof lining material

    I have an order underway (locking in a couple of weeks) for a GTS ST. It Will be MY24. I expected the roof material to be Racetex, but I’ve just spotted in the list of standard equipment ‘Roof liner fabric’. can anyone confirm what it should be? oh and I’ve spec VLC pano roof. Thanks