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  1. DerekS

    Do NOT crack your panoramic glass!

    A tiny idiotic rock chip has turned into an absolute nightmare. I took a rock chip coming back from Porsche Palooza '23 - my dealer told me it would be over 11K to repair so I said screw it, I'll live with the star. A month or two ago, the star spread into a full blown crack. My insurance...
  2. DerekS

    Look before you charge!

    I helped my MIL buy a car at a Hyundai dealer...they had Chargepoint and I was running low so I plugged in while we did the deal. I was quite shocked at the rate of $0.70/kWh, apparently set by the dealership. Of course I didn't realize until I was done...
  3. DerekS

    Panoramic Roof Replacement Cost

    My dealer got back to me and said pano roof replacement is a big job that involves removing the windshield (!) and will cost around 11K. I think I will just live with the chip and inevitable crack at that price. Has anyone else had better luck on replacement?
  4. DerekS

    Porsche Palooza Trip Report

    I had an absolutely glorious drive out, and no problems with Francis Energy chargers: I got checked into the event and found my (non-air) BNB. It was charming and the hosts gracious but the parking was on a very steep slope and I just felt uneasy parking there. It was putting a lot of...
  5. DerekS

    Michelin PS4S - Another take

    So on my first Taycan, it shipped with Continentals which were straight trash. They didn't wear evenly (or long), and were downright dangerous in the wet. I replaced them with "scary warranty-voiding non-N0" Michelin PS4S and was super happy with the result. Fast forward to my Taycan GTS...
  6. DerekS

    If you break your charging flap...'re most likely not going to want to fix it. Apparently the replacement requires removing a passenger door, fender liner, etc! Definitely not worth it to me at this time, I'll just deal with it...
  7. DerekS

    Magic Dock Success!

    After My experience yesterday where a piece of plastic in my charge port prevented charging, I decided I owed the Magic Dock another try. I decided to go back out to Fort Worth after work - this time with a healthy SoC to get me anywhere (including back home) if needed. I specifically used the...
  8. DerekS

    [Rant] Chevy Bolts and Mustang Block-E's on the 350kW units!!

    I am getting so extremely frustrated by users of slow charging cars like Bolt (50kW) and Mustang Mach-E (150kW) using the one or two working 350kW units at charger stops! It's the worst when you're counting on a good fast charge and end up losing it due to someone else's ignorance or...
  9. DerekS

    Broken DC Flap Causes Bad Charging Day

    TLDR: Be careful not to break your DC flap inserting the Magic Dock (or any other CCS charger) I decided to drive to Fort Worth this morning to try out the Magic Dock Supercharger. I arrived with pretty low SoC and was a bit stressed, but hey these things work great right? The app and dock...
  10. DerekS

    Road Damage = $50K Battery Repair

    I saw a poor soul on Facebook post that his battery took some debris damage, piercing and overheating it. Because it was caused by road damage, warranty does not apply. Some commenters suggested he file with insurance, but that's not good news either as it will translate into higher premiums...
  11. DerekS

    Hate for electrics saddens me.

    Suncoast posted some great spy photos on Facebook of the E-Boxster being charged. I was excited as I'm eager to switch back to a 2 door with open roof ASAP. What I was not excited for was the near universal outpouring of disgust, hate, and overall negative vitriol from fellow Porsche...
  12. DerekS

    Navigation / Charging Planner Can Now Handle Long Trips!

    Today I decided to enter a trip from here (Dallas TX) to Flagstaff AZ - a case that used to make the charging planner spin infinitely - and was pleasantly surprised that it worked and mapped out all the chargers correctly. I decided to push it further and nav me all the way from Dallas TX to...
  13. DerekS

    7-Eleven Chargers Online!

    I had no idea but 7-Elevens “7-Charge” network appears to be online. I had to leave the house unexpectedly with a low SoC and had to find a charger to add bit to get me home. The PCM found this one. It was rated in the PCM at 90kW and it was. Worked flawlessly. I only stayed long enough to...
  14. DerekS

    Chargey EV charge / trip tracking app for iOS now available!

    Hi folks! I've been working on a charge tracking app for a while called Chargey - you've seen me paste screen shots now and then, and it is finally available in the App Store. What does Chargey do? - Allows recording your home charge costs, charger stops and other expenses - Tracks road trips...
  15. DerekS

    Reasons NOT to spec the noise/thermal glass option!

    My car was dealer spec and came with the acoustic/thermal glass and frankly I hate it. 1. My radar detector will only work when positioned super high up in the “black dot” region, and seems to be attenuated even there. 2. The Porsche dashcam can’t use the radar feature because the stupid glass...
  16. DerekS

    EA Station Failed, Bricking a Rivian

    I've never thought twice about DC charging. This gives me some pause.
  17. DerekS

    PCM Issue: Apple Music/Podcasts fail with "Data Package Error."

    And here I thought fighting with the radio was behind me. A day or so ago, Music and Pocast icons both greyed out, and now neither will launch throwing this error. I had to open a ticket with Porsce on this. Sigh. I've spent more time just trying to make the radio play music on these Taycans...
  18. DerekS

    Installing V1 w/ MirrorTap AND FitcamX?

    I'm working up the courage (for the second time) to install a mirrortap for my V1 in the new GTS. I was thinking, while I am in here it might be a good idea to also do a FitcamX dash cam. But that got me thinking: rain sensor, FitcamX and V1 all on the same circuit? Can it bear that without...
  19. DerekS

    Mistakes were made... 💸 (New Taycan GTS in Carmine Red) The mistake was the expenditure :). But I will say the car is amazing and a very different experience from the RWD. So much more power, and the color is...