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  1. tigerbalm

    Public charging in france

    You won't go wrong with Fastned from a reliability perspective.
  2. tigerbalm

    UK service & costs

    Summer's are the Pirelli P Zero PZ4 NF0 at 21". They have approximately 18,000km/11,000 miles on them and I think probably have 25,000km/15,000 miles left in them until they reach the 1.6mm legal limit – though I tend to swap tyres when they reach 3mm of thread left. Swapping to winters...
  3. tigerbalm

    UK service & costs

    Just got my first service on a Taycan done today at Porsche Centre Dublin. It is in because it hit 30,000km – rather than two years old. Total of €382.06 (£327). Quite impressed with that. New Taycan loaner given and my car returned same day. Considering its a Turbo S and I drive it as such...
  4. tigerbalm

    Where do you press to confirm speed limit?

    I don't use Innodrive anymore but my muscle memory tells me you pull down on the left stalk to accept the speed limit that it has detected.
  5. tigerbalm

    Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    That carbon ceramic brake disc is gonna cost.
  6. tigerbalm

    Building a Taycan GT

    Still less than a Turbo S with no option in Ireland (and probably most of EU).
  7. tigerbalm

    Which sensors may cause "Egress Warner not available" error?

    The sensors are the same as lane change assist uses – and are roughly on the rear quarters behind the body panels. (can't find a Taycan specific image)
  8. tigerbalm

    Porsche denied warranty claim due to dash cam, looking for advice

    Firstly, I'm in Ireland and so what happens here might not apply in other jurisdictions. On a previously owned Panamera I had an issue where the alarm was sometimes triggering (not very frequently). The car was a few weeks old and I had a front/rear dashcam installed professionally. My Porsche...
  9. tigerbalm

    Innodrive weirdness in Netherlands

    I added Innodrive option via feature-on-deman (FOD) for a three month trial – just before our last summer rood-trip. Driving the ring road around Rotterdam immediately leaving the ferry – was enough to make me give up on it. Exact same experience as yours. ACC + Active Lane Keep assist is...
  10. tigerbalm

    Taycan no longer - long live Taycan

    You'll certainly be missed @daveo4EV – I for one will be interested to read how your overall Macan EV experience goes.
  11. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report) There was some snow today in Dublin and you'd think armageddon had arrived. If Norwegian's allowed this much snow stop them – they'd have to give up. I am 💯 the only Taycan on winter tyres in Ireland! Snow accumulations after...
  12. tigerbalm

    Parting company with my Frozen Berry Porsche Taycan go

    No shortage of Irish surnames on this thread!
  13. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    We've got many hours of footage from the drone flown manually – but this particular clip is using AI and the "autotrack" option with 360 degrees obstacle avoidance. With that said, it struggles a little in the arctic as it works optically and the lack of contrast with the snow can confuse it...
  14. tigerbalm

    Yuk…… disgusting sight ….. Electrical System Error

    Is that sealant goop everywhere around the modules? Doesn't look very neat/factory finished – having seen these batteries at the Taycan factory before they get installed.
  15. tigerbalm

    Brand new Porsche Charging Tariff Premium - you can now charge at attractive conditions (maybe)

    Damn, they are killing off the €0,07c IONITY pricing in Norway.
  16. tigerbalm

    Brand new Porsche Charging Tariff Premium - you can now charge at attractive conditions (maybe)

    It just covers the monitored alarm service from Vodafone Automotive. There's no free trial or period with Porsche Vehicle Tracking Service Plus (PVTS+) and is separate to Porsche Connect or Porsche Charging Service. My insurer here in Ireland (CHUBB) requires a remotely monitored alarm service...
  17. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    Also the PCM assumes you'll go 130 km/h on the autobahn (as that is the recommended speed) and also do the same 130 km/h in The Netherlands – because the 100 km/h is just the daytime reduced speed. So it will not calculate any difference between traveling on German or Dutch motorway – where as...
  18. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    Anatomy of a Norwegian Speed Check