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  1. Taycan Turbos Have Lost Up To 100,000 Value in 4 Years

    My brother in law just got a EQS SUV stickered 110k for like 30%+ off brand new. He took the car to carmax to appraise it and they offered 65k. So, it lost 40% in the first week.
  2. Do brake lights illuminate during auto-regen?

    Our neighborhood is full of Teslas (all 4 are teslas at a 4-way stop sign intersection is not uncommon). I go downhill all the time and by your logic these Teslas would brake all the way downhill which is not the case. The brake lights only come on when necessary.
  3. Taycan Dead After Vacation

    Leaving your car plugged into the charger doesn't do anything if your 12V is drained (after charging itself 8 times from the HV battery). I had my dashcam plugged in and after 2 months of vacation the 12v was drained (way before I returned home). The car was plugged into the charger the whole...
  4. Going nuts. How do i connect to my mobile hotspot?

    It came up automatically after you plug it in. It has nothing to do with the phone. If you are talking about having Internet connectivity for the Carlinkit, then you can set that up with your phone as a hotspot and have the Carlinkit connect to it. But that’s kind of irrelevant until your...
  5. Going nuts. How do i connect to my mobile hotspot?

    Without getting the device to show up under Devices. You really can't proceed any further. If your carlinkit device isn't showing up there when you plug it in - have you tried a different usb-c to usb-c cable? Is the LED on the device on/blinking?
  6. Going nuts. How do i connect to my mobile hotspot?

    I have no problem using those carlinkit devices and playing videos. Have you tried restarting the PCM first? After you have, Plug it in to the usb-c port and go to PCM -> Devices. You should see the carlinkit with carplay icon. If not, what do you see?
  7. Base loaner vs GTS

    It's amazing how the cars look the same to most people, but one looks like an exotic and the other "flat". Maybe some insecurity is in play here.
  8. Installed Tesla Universal Charger - Thanks to Daveo4EV

    I've swapped a Gen3 to a Universal few months ago. The base is different, but not entirely different. You definitely need to swap it out. I was able to re-use the same wire with no modification, but it was a pain in the a** to insert the super thick and super stiff #1 (or #2) wires into the sockets.
  9. That 2025 facelift

    That turbo frontend is just inconsistent with the rest of the Porsche lineups. One thing is that Turbo is keeping the teardrop-like design which makes it more like Gen1. For me I'd just wait for the real next gen.
  10. 2025 Taycan released but what about existing Taycan owners?

    Existing owners can trade in their cars for a new one, or just keep driving like the car they were sold the day they picked up the car.
  11. The Ackermann effect / tire judder 20" vs 21"

    Been getting this everyday in the past months and especially recently with the rain and colder temperature it’s getting really frustrating. GTS w/ spyder wheels. Located in SoCal and it’s not even that cold.
  12. test drove a Hummer EV this past weekend

    That truck is super cool and super fun, from the look of it as well as reviews I've read. There's one at my kid's school and it's massive. However one of the concerns is that due to its weight, the stopping power is poor even with full regen. I am not in the market for one of these fun...
  13. Is it bad to frequently park in lift mode?

    Just out of curiosity, why don't you lower it back down once it's parked? I lift mine entering the driveway and immediately lower it back down. I can't stand looking at the car in lift mode inside the garage.
  14. Where to put the keys?

    So no one wears their keys with a neck strap?
  15. Report - 3 weeks at airport and only 1% battery drain

    7 weeks away from home over the summer and came home with a bricked vehicle. 12V completely dead. Granted I forgot to disconnect the dashcam but had the car stay plugged the whole time, which was useless.
  16. Charging idiots or charging etiquette - you pick it!

    My local station was upgraded to the 350kW ones. I’ve never gotten above 150kW from them even with a low state of charge. Doesn’t seem all that big of a deal. Even if there was a benefit to charge above 150kW, it’s been proven to be minimal once you reach certain state of charge. Finally...
  17. Exhaust note?

    After 5 years of driving Teslas I missed engine sound and exhaust note so much that I added a McLaren for fun. It was well worth it. After convincing the wife that I am done with noisy exhaust note and will replace it with a Taycan, which I did, I plunged for another McLaren, top down this time...
  18. Got a "ticket" for parking in a EV spot

    Blame EA for that. They should make all the chargers the same in the first place. My local stations have been swapped up with the newer stalls now, so they are all up to 350kW.
  19. Can't DC charge

    Exactly, if my wife was with me the whole time with this ordeal, she’d just tell me to replace it with another Tesla, with a much more reliable and robust charging network. It does sound like there’s an issue with the car, as other cars have no issue charging.

    Exactly. Doug was the guy who handled my case as well. Maybe they only fixed "your" particular car so it won't happen moving forward, and did not mean a fleet-wide fix for cars that already experienced the issue like mine.