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  1. perski

    Winter range test of CT4

    For people that want to test out google translate of Norwegian they can read a winter range test of the cross turismo 4. It ended up with 402 km range in snowy conditions between 0 and -8 degrees celsius. The cars with the longest range like the Tesla model 3 and Mercedes EQS got about 110 km...
  2. perski

    Does pre-heating the battery take a lot of energy?

    I was going to do a last hop to a charger along the route. I had about 15% remaining with estimated 6% at arrival. All seemed well. Outside temperature was about -1 celcius with battery temperature about 3 degrees. I put in the charger as destination and I could see that it started pre-heating...
  3. perski

    Are 20” Tequipment Design rims directional?

    Given that they follow the pattern of the 21” Exclusive Design rims, I would say yes. However, the rims that I got are all the same, and thus rotate opposite direction on left and right side of the car. Before calling up the dealership to scream at them I figured I’d check online. The pictures I...
  4. perski

    Neptune blue with Bordeaux red?

    Having had the build delayed until September, means more time agonizing over options. Yay :rolleyes: PNT5S6Q4 While having settled on Neptune blue exterior, I’m still torn on the interior. I really like Bordeaux red, but not many examples of that combination on the web (perhaps for a good...
  5. perski

    Basic door-sill guards on RWD

    Can anyone with the basic “black” door sill guards on the RWD comment on how they look? Are they just hard plastic inserts? I have a base CT on order, and I assume it will come with the same ones as the RWD. Considering if the aluminum ones are worth the $400 cost.
  6. perski

    What options are affected by chip shortage?

    With the current popup on the configurator: “Due to global supply issues affecting the auto industry, we ask that you please check with your dealer about current option availability and suitable alternatives.” Has anyone received any feedback on any specific options that are more affected than...
  7. perski

    How useful is the side mirror auto dimming feature?

    Pouring over the configurator for a final check. In Norway the auto dimming mirrors are still a $500 option. On my BMW I’m more annoyed than anything else by the side mirror dimming. I find them far too dark when they activate and you can’t easily turn it off. Less of an issue on my Porsche...
  8. perski

    Hardware differences between CT 4 and 4S?

    Anyone know if there are hardware differences between the cross turismo 4 and 4S, or is the reduced horsepower in the 4 just done through software? The only physical difference that i can find are the red calipers on the 4S.