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  1. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    I suppose it’s the same price point. But I have zero interest in Tesla. Don’t care for the look. But it’s all preference. I have no data to rely on but I suspect there isn’t much cross-shopping between a 100k+ Tesla vs a Taycan at same price. I could be wrong though.
  2. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    I believe based on OP comments, this could potentially help alleviate depreciation on current model. 2025 is significantly more expensive. Interest rates are still high. This makes a used model which is significantly cheaper that is fairly similar to 2025 attractive. Also, anyone looking to...
  3. Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    Well that’s one less used Taycan out there. That should make ours worth a $1 more and help reverse depreciation.
  4. So are 'new' Turbo S Taycans essentially unsalable at present?

    All this reminds me of a book I read back in college called Crossing the Chasm which looks at the lifecycle of technology and why some technology fails to become accepted by the masses. The chasm exists between early adopters and early mainstream users, which is where we are in the market. This...
  5. The Science and Math - Battery Charging

    Maybe 85% versus 80% is recommended by Porsche because we have battery reserve that’s not accessible. 85% is really more like 77% of true battery capacity.
  6. Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    So I watched the video on 3 big mistakes for charging. The one I found interesting was better to do a lot of little charges than letting your battery drain and do bigger charges. I’m not going to operate in the 40-60 percent range. Seems pointless. But my question is whether it’s better to do a...
  7. TSB: PMC+/PMCC stops charging intermittently - overtemperature condition - Nov 17, 2023

    I had these problems with my PMCC and was puzzled on the issue as there were no error messages and only a less than desired charge achieved. Others on the forum said it was likely an overheating issue. I dropped to 32A and no issues after that. But it only happened in the summer in my garage in...
  8. Just got a nail in my tire any advice?

    Discount tire will repair for free. It looks far enough in from sidewall for them to repair. I also advise buying the tire warranty from discount tire. It’s fairly cheap and will replace a tire at no cost if it can’t be repaired.
  9. Burmester which audio files for best results

    You should likely be using wired CarPlay for best results. Apple Music has several titles that are Apple Lossless. Tidal also has many options that are FLAC for their premium service. I thought I also read that the Apple Music app in the built in car interface worked with burmester for playing...
  10. Charging Issue

    Where did you get the new pigtail from and did you have to modify the connection to the PMCC or was it a simple swap?
  11. Charging Issue

    Thanks all for the info. I suspect it’s just gonna be the high heat in my garage in south TX that isn’t helping. Time to find a new charger.
  12. Charging Issue

    So I’m having issues with my car fulling charging. I am using my PMCC that came with the car. Had no issues before. But now I plug in and come back and see it has stopped charging after a few hours and not going to my target of 85%. I even did direct charging and still same issue. There are no...
  13. Hate for electrics saddens me.

    Every time I hear a 4-cyl Honda Civic with an obnoxiously loud exhaust that goes nowhere when at full throttle, I can’t help but think “i can’t wait till we get to a 100% EV world.”
  14. Dissatisfaction / tuning the Burmester setup

    Have you tried Apple Music directly from the head unit (not through your phone). I believe all Apple Music subscription include lossless audio. I found it to sound better than wireless CarPlay. Also try tidal with master quality or Dolby Atmos. Definitely makes a difference. Burmester...
  15. Apple Music Announces Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos

    I’m in my mid-40s and have some minor hearing loss and minor tinnitus. I previously had an MB with the high end Burmester 3D system and currently have a taycan with the Bose. I used wired CarPlay for the MB and Tidal music service with master quality and Dolby Atmos formats. I used wireless...
  16. Recommendations on tint brand?

    I’ve done probably every brand out there over the years and always did the top product line. Can honestly say I don’t think I ever noticed a difference among the manufacturers when comparing their top products. Installer is always the bigger factor but I imagine two installers you are...
  17. Depreciation

    Range seems to be a relic of the early concerns of owning an EV. No infrastructure to charge. Especially a huge concern in the US given how large the country is. As the charging network grows, won’t be an issue and less relevant. After all there are a few ICE cars with 200 miles of range don’t...
  18. What is this?

    Or is it the sensor that annoyingly tells you to place your hands on the wheel?
  19. RANT + How Much is Too Much?

    To be fair to Porsche, their configurator explicitly states that due to global supply chain issues, there may be delays or some features not available. I only waited like 12 hours for my GTS. Walked in to ask about ordering one and one was sitting on showroom that almost met how I would spec...
  20. Do you guys pay markup or MSRP for your Taycan?

    I paid $3.5K under MSRP in Jan this year for a 22 GTS on the lot. Had a trade and a little negotiating got me KBB trade-in value for excellent condition car. So overall was very happy with my dealer.