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  1. Porsche Connect Service Cost is $319 in the US

    Do we have any more data points on whether renewing Porsche Connect after the initial 3 years includes free EA charging for a 4th year? My renewal is coming up in June and I'm not sure just having use of the app is worth it (although not being able to check charge remotely sucks).
  2. Rear tyre wear

    I have the stock Continental ProContacts on my '21 RWD. I'm at 24k miles and still plenty of tread left, though I have not measured. I generally drive fairly conservatively except for some quick turns on local streets which squeal the tires.
  3. Porsche Reimbursement for a non-Porsche wall charger

    Thanks, and that is what they are asking for in the email right? Also, what is "check preference"?
  4. Porsche Reimbursement for a non-Porsche wall charger

    To be clear, this is proof of Taycan ownership and proof of charger purchase, right? What's a suitable way to prove proof of Taycan ownership?
  5. Mark on driver seat (brand new Taycan)

    I actually had a similar problem and swore it was the dealer that did this. But then I realized that when I get into the car, my right pants pocket sometimes will rub against exactly this part of the steering wheel, and that's where my keys usually are. Even through the pants material, I guess...
  6. Faulty cupholders?

    This happened to me with one of my tabs early in my ownership as well. I actually forgot about it and tbh haven't noticed any reduced functionality. That being said I rarely put skinny bottles in there, which is where I assume the grabbing nature of the tabs would come in handy. Most standard...
  7. New Charger-related recall (for the 240 V cable) (NHTSA ID 23V-841)

    How much did you put your old wall chargers up for? I might be in the same boat if I upgrade to the Universal.
  8. List your replacement EVSE for the NHTSA ID 23V-841 campaign

    Like @daveo4EV, I'm leaning towards the Tesla Universal Connector. I Have the Gen 2 Wall Connector now and it's been flawless and looks sleek. Once my wife gets an EV, it will almost certainly have NACS built in (I'm advising her to wait until NACS models come out) so having a universal charger...
  9. Installed Tesla Universal Charger - Thanks to Daveo4EV

    How easy do you think it would be to replace an existing Tesla wall connector with the Universal one? Considering using my $600 rebate to get one. I would consider replacing it myself it it's easy, otherwise I'll just hire my electrician to do it.
  10. Difference between 2020 Taycan and a 2023 Taycan

    I have a 2021 and last year drove a 2023 Taycan loaner. I noticed a couple differences -- the doors were noticeably heavier in the 2023 (probably for rattle issues) and the memory buttons for seat positions were matte instead of piano black. There are probably some other minor differences but...
  11. EA charging network rant

    PlugShare can help here too. I just looked it up and it tells me the chargers are on the 3rd floor of parking structure 2.
  12. [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    I'll have to do more testing the next time I visit them. This is just what my dad told me based on what he observed in the Wallbox app, which I presume has logs of past charging sessions. As far as I'm aware he didn't apply any limit to the Wallbox itself.
  13. [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Yeah, I don't expect to get more from the Chargepoint chargers. Trying to figure out why I'm not pulling more from the Wallbox though. I don't think Taycans have a setting to limit current...
  14. [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    @daveo4EV I recently charged at my parents house using their Wallbox charger and my dad told me after the fact that according to the Wallbox app, I only pulled 6kW when charging. His Bolt charges at 12kW. Come to think of it, I've actually never seen higher than 6kW except when DC fast charging...
  15. Seat Belt automatic tensioner

    My 2021 model does the seatbelt tightening after you start your drive. I do have ACC, fwiw.
  16. My Porsche App Update for Taycan Finally Adds Climate Controls & More through Apple Carplay! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Haven't updated myself yet, but based on the screenshots in this thread, is there no way to make fine adjustments to the climate such as fan speed, temperature, etc?
  17. Do your brake lights go on when Taycan is recuperative braking?

    Yes they do. There's some algorithm that determines if you are slowing down enough to warrant lighting up the brake light.
  18. Car Photograph Solution?

    I believe you might be able to long press on the headlight button on the dash to change the setting. I know you can do it to voluntarily shut off the headlights while keeping the car on. Maybe the opposite can be done as well?
  19. Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    Somebody has good taste.
  20. RWD Taycan is so fun to drive. A cinematic mountain driving film

    Have you had a chance to check out Final Cut Pro for iPad?