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  1. tayCanadian

    Toronto area photoshoot with 3 GTS'

    @Hawk , @Rob28 and myself met up last week and had a little photoshoot done at a nature reserve nearby. Here are some pics and a video from the shoot. Enjoy!
  2. tayCanadian

    GTA Taycan owners club

    Hey GTA members, a couple of us have created a WhatsApp Community to chat with other local Taycan owners, share experiences, and arrange Taycan meets and cruises. Please join as there are only a few of us right now and we'd like to meet more Taycan enthusiasts! Here's the link to join the...
  3. tayCanadian

    Black Screen Of Death?

    This won't go away. My screen won't display. Tried restarting the car several times. Anyone have a solution? TIA
  4. tayCanadian

    Introducing my '23 Stealth Taycan GTS ( XPEL Stealth PPF on the whole vehicle + 2 gloss stripes on hood)

    A few weeks ago I finally received my Taycan GTS after waiting about 9 months, which, considering the delays people have been facing, is not that bad. I ordered the vehicle in April 2022 and assumed it would be a MY 2022 but once I got my allocation in July and was told it would be an October...
  5. tayCanadian

    Did Suncoast mess up or am I losing it?

    I ordered a set of clear side markers for my car from Suncoast and their web site description states that the set comes with one left and one right side marker. I removed the amber side markers to go and install the clear ones and then realized that both side markers I received are the same...
  6. tayCanadian

    Secret Audiophile Project - which one of the UK members did this?

    I'm jealous! Sound quality seems to be incredible, even when listening over my laptop speakers. I'd love to do something like this, I'm just afraid of taking the car apart the way it was, although the guy at PSSOUND is top notch at what he does. Couple more vids on the project here:
  7. tayCanadian

    Torn between 2 interiors... Help me decide!

    Hi All! I've got a 2023 GTS on order that has not locked in yet and I've been humming and hawing about which interior combo I should go with as I love both options. The exterior colour is chalk, with gloss black doors handles, gloss black mirror base, gloss black rear model designation...
  8. tayCanadian

    Any Ice Greys in the GTA

    I've looked at so many pics online and each one shows the colour differently. I wonder if anyone has an Ice Grey in the GTA? Would love to see it in person!
  9. tayCanadian

    What do you think about my build?

    Hi Everyone, New member here from Canada. I placed an order for a 2022 Taycan GTS this weekend and was told it'll be about 6-8 months for delivery. I was originally considering a 4S but had about $40k worth of options on it. I then realized I'd only have to add $19k of options on a GTS, so...