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  1. Moonstone

    Comfort Access

    Wasnt specced on mine, but Ive got everything apart from the vehicle lock button on the boot. Someone else I know is in the same boat but they do have the vehicle lock button, but it doesnt do anything.
  2. Moonstone

    Will older models get the new push to pass upgrade?

    Never gonna happen for a multitude of reasons.
  3. Moonstone

    Paint air curtain inlets

    Front wheels, front arch-liners and headlights need to be removed. I think you'd then need to take the whole front bumper off to remove these without risking damage. I DIY'd the front Sports Design lip and took the front end off to do it but I can't remember how the "tears/air vents" are...
  4. Moonstone

    Will older models get the new push to pass upgrade?

    Activating features on demand that are pre-mapped to an an existing platform is very different from physical hardware retrofits that rely upon various dependencies to work properly.
  5. Moonstone

    Will older models get the new push to pass upgrade?

    Why would a car manufacturer, that makes money from selling cars built in it's factories, after investing money to bring out a new version of their product so that new and existing customers will buy it, allow existing owners to add these features to products that have already been sold? It's...
  6. Moonstone

    Lowest range?

    Could not care less. If I wanted range, I wouldn't have bought a Taycan and the range that I'm getting is fine for my needs. It replaced an M5 so economy has never been my concern.
  7. Moonstone

    World Premiere: 2025 Taycan Turbo GT and Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach Package

    The only thing I'm really interested in is whether someone will make a copy of the rear spoiler lip...
  8. Moonstone

    Lowest range?

    I get around 190 miles range from 100% battery. I drive it like a lunatic as much as possible. It pretty much lives in Sport Plus mode (even when in Individual). I've only ever used "Range" mode once, by accident and I have the seat and steering wheel heaters on with abandon! It costs me £6.50...
  9. Moonstone

    My 3D printed Taycan phone holder

    Serious question. Why do people need their phone in front of them when the car Carplay/Android Auto and a hands free system? Mine lives in the factory wireless charger when I'm in the car. I cant think of a reason why I'd need it mounted elsewhere.
  10. Moonstone

    "Camera System Restricted" & "Warn and Brake Assist"

    Happens to me all the time on dirty, rainy days.
  11. Moonstone

    Which one should I choose out of these Taycans?

    Option 1 by far. I wouldnt even consider option 2.
  12. Moonstone

    Wheel Spacers UK

    To be very honest I cant even rememer what way I have them on. I'll need to have a look. Fitted them shortly after taking delivery last year after reading 10 & 15 was the way to go. I bought them from two different sellers on eBay.
  13. Moonstone

    Newbie - any home charger recommendations?

    I have a Hypervolt which is quite slim, tethered and allows you to wrap the cable around the charger. I bought an angled pluger holder that someone had 3d printer on Etsy that keeps everything flush. You can dim or turn off the LED altogether if you find it too jazzy.
  14. Moonstone

    Wheel Spacers UK

    I'm 15 and 10mm on a GTS saloon. The rears could easily handle 20 though I think, but don't think I'd be comfortable running spacers that thick. @Persuader - Nice wheels. I had those in the same finish on my M5.
  15. Moonstone

    Taycan Values.

    Im talking about depreciation percentages on the used car market vs new. Not on dealer/manufacturer incentives.
  16. Moonstone

    Taycan Values.

    Sorry I meant EQE.
  17. Moonstone

    Taycan Values.

    The issue is that the used market for EVs in the UK is tiny compared to the market for new ones, thanks to the government incentives. Also that SUVs continue to be in significantly more demand than saloon cars (in the UK) Hence why the Mercedes EQE is holding its value much better than the...
  18. Moonstone

    Taycan Values.

    Taycan depreciation in the UK is fueled by one thing and one thing only. Government EV incentives coupled with a desirable premium brand. This has created a scenario where a £100k Porsche is readily accessible to a market that otherwise wouldn't buy one. According to my dealer, 90% of all new...
  19. Moonstone

    My Porsche App Update for Taycan Finally Adds Climate Controls & More through Apple Carplay! Happy Thanksgiving!

    I use carplay all the time. Used this for 2 minutes for a quick play around and I doubt I'll ever use it again.
  20. Moonstone

    Lowering links?

    Correct. If you're doing this. Make sure you do it in Normal mode on a level surface.