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  1. Mwa3aan

    Use Taycan cross turismo wheels on taycan turbo s?

    Does anyone know if I can use these on a 2020 turbo?
  2. Mwa3aan

    Lane Keep Assist Performance After the Big Update

    Has anyone noticed better lane keep assist performance? I drive the I90 to Bellevue in WA daily and know exactly where the Taycan would leave lanes at 80mph when active lane keep assist was on. After the update, it stays rock solid between the lines. I looked at the software update details, and...
  3. Mwa3aan

    Engineering screen while driving

    Has anyone ever seen this? I was driving home when my car "rebooted" and this screen showed up. The instrument cluster and car continued to function normally. I eventually pressed Reboot to normal mode and after a while the standard UI came back. I have heard of people resetting their cars...
  4. Mwa3aan

    PCM reset while driving

    My PCM did a reset while driving today. This has never happened before. To be clear, not a restart, a reset. After the reset this screen appeared. I pulled over to take a photo. Has anyone seen this before?
  5. Mwa3aan

    Active Park Assist

    Does anyone have a 2021 Taycan with Active Park Assist where the car can park itself? I saw a video where you can be outside the car and it parks itself. How well does this work? I also saw another active assistance system where the car will help you avoid hitting sidewalks as example. Does...
  6. Mwa3aan

    Porsche made good on OTA promise last night...

    My Apple Music icon (not CarPlay) changed from the old white one to the new iOS 14 red one overnight. It must be the smallest OTA ever delivered to a car ;)
  7. Mwa3aan

    New feature to open trunk with your foot?

    I could open my trunk with my foot in my Panamera but not in my Taycan. I have comfort access as an option in the Tyacan but even with that enabled I could not open the trunk. After I got my car back for from the software updates I noticed by accident (i was changing the unlock door setting to...
  8. Mwa3aan

    Active lane keeping failing at higher speeds

    Has anyone else experience this? When you use active lane keep above 80mph it becomes very unreliable when following twists on a freeway. It simply cannot stay in its lane and will drift aggressively into other lanes unless you take control. At 90 to 95 it will not stay in a lane at all when...
  9. Mwa3aan

    Lucid Air

    In this video snippet you can see Lucid drag racing a Tesla and a Porsche Taycan. The Porsche only appears in the last few frames of the video. I guess we will see more next week when they officially announce the Air. There is more to driving than straight line speed but Lucid seems to have some...
  10. Mwa3aan

    Where to check for recalls?

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered but how do I know if a recall has been issued for my Taycan? I just finished the software, 12v battery and charge cable replacement recalls, but now see an aircon dampening recall people are mentioning. Is the best way to call the dealership or is...
  11. Mwa3aan

    Taycan PCM is an embarrassment

    My Taycan is in for the software update campaign and some other recalls. Porsche gave me a 2020 Macan to drive. The PCM in the Macan felt like a HUGE upgrade over the Taycan. Its smooth, fast, has proximity sensors for your hand AND wireless carplay. Wireless carplay was super smooth and just...
  12. Mwa3aan

    Automatic Light System Failure and 12v Battery recall

    My car showed an “Automatic Light System Failure, contact dealer” error today. It just suddenly showed up after driving for 10 mins. When I talked to the dealer they said my car had sever recall items outstanding, including replacing the 12v battery, some high power charger cable and...
  13. Mwa3aan

    Mobile Connect Charger Web Access Password

    I noticed in the documentation that its possible to access your mobile connect charger using a web browser. Doing this, you get access to a lot of detailed information about your previous charges. Trying to access this you end up on a page that asks for a password. There is no username field...