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  1. Taycan Turbos Have Lost Up To 100,000 Value in 4 Years

    Also looking into a used turbo S
  2. Redshift Performance - Taycan 4 CT Acceleration Measurements Before & After Upgrade

    Do you have any 60-130mph data for the turbo S reflash you can share?
  3. Only 1 Taycan Turbo GT per dealer a year?

    It's a buyer's market right now, ev's are dropping rapidly in price. Maybe will be limited for a short time on launch, but if your patient I think it should be easy to get.
  4. Redshift Performance Intro - Taycan ECU Performance Packages

    Do you have any dyno for the turbo S before and after?. I think that will really help influence people. Would be nice to see under the curve what the power difference is rather than just quoting peak #'s.