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  1. Moonstone

    PCM unresponsive to touch

    I’ve had this about four times since I got the car mid-March. I’m struggling to recreate it and generally a power down and restart fixes it. Seems that from vehicle unlock and PCM power-up the touch screen is totally unresponsive. The PCM itself still works via voice, the lower haptic screen...
  2. Moonstone

    Wheel decals

    We've got a couple Audis in the family and ever since my 2018 RS5 (which I no longer have) I noticed that Audi started putting "Audi Sport" on their wheels. I quite like it. It's subtle but another nice wee detail. So this is my inspiration for my project tonight. I've got a vinyl plotter and...
  3. Moonstone

    Remove front lip

    This has been asked in a couple of threads but no one has given a definitive answer so far. Does the whole front bumper cover need to be removed in order to remove the bottom front lip and lower grill? EDIT - I have now created a comprehensive guide on this which can be found here...