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    The Chinese Taycan

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    Submarine Taycan in flood waters

    I read the cause of the flooding was cloud seeding operations, so if that's accurate, it would be fresh water...not that anyone should want that in their car any more.
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    Submarine Taycan in flood waters

    Yes, in certain scenarios a propeller can produce force perpendicular to its axis. That wouldn't apply here.
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    Transporting two bikes with zero aero drag hit on Taycan :)

    I could use a couple of those for the airplane.
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    Next Generation Taycan - what do we want?

    482 on the .2 version is pretty close to your desire.
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    Next Generation Taycan - what do we want?

    I'm hopeful. The Taycan GT has demonstrated at least 540 horsepower is available from a single motor. Let's see a 500+ horsepower RWD Cayman at 3,200# max. 200 miles of range would be sufficient.
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    Next Generation Taycan - what do we want?

    I want a 2-door coupe.
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    NEW Updated 2025 Taycan Reviews Are Here!

    To be fair, how many 270KW-capable dispensers were available anywhere when the Taycan first hit the streets? Things will improve over time, and the V2 Taycan will be well-positioned to benefit. Or Porsche could do what Chevy and Hyundai are doing...pushing out EVs with 55-100 KW peak charging...
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    "EV prices [US] drop up to 20% as new and used inventory surges" - Article

    To be fair, half the used Taycan searches were conducted by me, as I consider adding a second to our fleet.
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    Pull the fuse. Drive to the dealer. Simple.
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    Porsche NA delays reimbursement payment for charger replacement

    I submitted and received an automated e-mail response on February 26. Crickets since then.
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    Must have options for long distance travel?

    Performance Battery Plus. Onboard 150KW charger for when the Tesla network access is granted to Porsche vehicles sometime next year...otherwise you'll be charging at 50KW with the Chevy Bolts. I don't see value in the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager, but I think you may be able to add it...
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    Interior Brake Noise - Squeaky Tennis Shoe!

    See this thread...
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    EV sport sound without using speakers

    So Ferrari is copying Dodge now?
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    Taycan Turbos Have Lost Up To 100,000 Value in 4 Years

    I’m considering buying a second Taycan Turbo (used this time) to take advantage of dollar cost averaging.
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    Help me - I’m Scared!!?!

    Best wishes with your decision.
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    Help me - I’m Scared!!?!

    Depreciation will be a much larger expense than fuel.