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  1. pedroleumjelly

    Pictures of the 2025 Taycan Turbo from SXSW

    Decided to pop over to the Porsche lounge at SXSW in Austin. Thought y'all may appreciate an IRL zoom in of the new face:
  2. pedroleumjelly

    Went Christmas tree shopping

    Boys, it’s a very practical car. Nothing like going through the twisties with a Christmas tree up top.
  3. pedroleumjelly

    My Porsche in Apple CarPlay

    So it looks like the new Cayenne allows for additional vehicle controls via CarPlay. This seems to be the bigger push between Apple trying to expand CarPlay functionality. What's interesting is currently the Taycan hints at this. When you link MyPorsche with CarPlay, and then tap on the...
  4. pedroleumjelly

    LCA/EW Warning after Vinyl Wrap

    Hey guys, Just had my 2023 Taycan wrapped in Carmine Red, and everything works/looks great besides the lane change assist/egress warning. The wrap guys took off the bumpers, mirrors, and door handles to make sure the wrap looked good. However, now I get this error message [refer to pic]. Any...
  5. pedroleumjelly

    Vehicle Wrap and warranty implications?

    Hey guys, I scheduled to get my 2023 Taycan wrapped and was wondering what the warranty implications are, if any? My car is a lease and I’m based in the US. My car is also eligible for the latest recall, so I’m wondering if it getting wrapped prior to the service appointment will cause any...