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  1. BenJL

    Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    Yeah... but it was exactly where Porsche put all there effort. I had a lengthy discussion with the salesperson at the dealership. I've never encountered any problems with my 2020 Taycan, but he himself admitted that the Taycan has faced numerous issues and that they have worked hard to improve...
  2. BenJL

    Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    It’s an idea I’ve often explored… but the Macan is still less focused on sportiness. The Taycan has a dual transmission system, unlike the Macan which has only one. In terms of interior comfort, it still offers seating for four plus a small middle seat. The new Taycan and the Macan share...
  3. BenJL

    Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    To provide some context for this post: Even though I've ordered a Turbo 2025, the reasons behind my choice are very personal and I doubt they will remain viable for long... especially since Porsche is counting on this design for the next four years: - The Taycan is the only model on the market...
  4. BenJL

    Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    Despite having ordered a Turbo 25, I find myself wondering whether Porsche has effectively killed off the model. Prove me wrong! There are several reasons for my concerns: 1) The Taycan used to be Porsche's most technologically advanced and forward-thinking vehicle. Nowadays, it seems like the...
  5. BenJL

    Ice grey or Dolomite?

    I totally agree with you! It's impossible to find a Taycan who can match an Ice Grey or Dolomite Taycan with a red leather interior. From my opinion, Ice grey & Dolomite fit well with black & silver accent, without turbonite, for a Taycan. But it's difficult to take a decision on the final color.
  6. BenJL

    Ice grey or Dolomite?

    Hey guys! I'm in the process of finalizing the setup of a Turbo, and it's incredibly difficult to choose between ICE GREY and GREY DOLOMITE. I haven't seen Dolomite with my own eyes, but I'm afraid it might be very close to Tesla's Grey Quicksilver, which looks very cheap.* (see below) I...
  7. BenJL

    Pictures of the 2025 Taycan Turbo from SXSW

    The turbo seems to be the Ice Grey, isn't it?
  8. BenJL

    The perfect rims for Turbo?

    thank you ! I would love to see it! I live in Paris, not Texas 😅 I don’t know where I can change that. I have the same opinion at this moment. but I’ve seen one day you can change the colour of the rims to take the “original” colour and not the turbonite colour. Have you eard that?
  9. BenJL

    The perfect rims for Turbo?

    Hello everyone, I'm ready to place an order for a Turbo MY25, but I'm still quite undecided on the wheels and rims. On one hand, I'm drawn to the new Mission E wheels, which have a lower impact on the range, but I've heard that the 21-inch ones are less comfortable on the road and, more...
  10. BenJL

    Noise levels in 2021 vs 2023 Taycan CT

    Guys, For those who takes this option (Thermal glass), have you seen an impact on your phone network quality? I heard a few years ago that your signal decreased a lot :/
  11. BenJL

    Let's Share Our Configurations for the MY2025 Model

    Hello everyone! With the arrival of the 2025 Model, I thought it would be great for us to share our configurations. Which model are you considering? If you have a Porsche code, please feel free to share it. Also, kindly mention if your code is from a specific country's site or the...
  12. BenJL

    Do I have to change my tires?!

    Hi guys! I hope you are well :) I drove for 15000 km with the Taycan with the same tires (yes, I know, it’s not a good thing but weather is too incertain in Paris ?). Today, I’m wondering if I have to change it. I have Michelin 20 inches. What is your thoughts when you look at these pictures...
  13. BenJL

    4S suspension height taller than Turbo or Turbo S?

    You may be right! The Turbo S are lower according to the brochure.
  14. BenJL

    How turn on pre cool before charging?

    Hi guys, I hope you are well. I still don’t know how to turn on battery pre-cool/pre-warn before charging (and, then, optimise the charging time) In fact, I don’t know how can I say to the vehicle that I will charge it at high voltage in a couple of minutes. Is it only with the GPS? I tried to...
  15. BenJL

    Porsche Taycan : plus techno que Tesla ? - Notre test ! - Mac4Ever

    Hi, it’s fun to see this video here! In fact it was my Taycan on this video and I help them to make this video. They tried to be very fair. Driss told me during filming that The Taycan is really close to supercars, even for the 4S. He appreciated that it’s possible make many launch control in...
  16. BenJL

    Gearbox anomaly

    Hi, I hope you are well and you appreciate your Taycan (and if you are still waiting for it, it worth the wait). Today, when I was on highways (and after some accelerations and braking due to traffic), I saw a yellow alert. It was in french but it said something like “gearbox anomaly, you can...
  17. BenJL

    Touching the rocker panel

    Hi guys, I have the feeling my Taycan touches often the rocker panel especially in parkings. I feel the vehicle. I can feel the vehicle rising and scraping slightly. But when I look underneath the vehicle, I don't see anything. What are the consequences in your opinion?
  18. BenJL

    What tires are on your Taycan?

    I have a taycan 4S with a 20' Turbo Aero wheels and I have Michelin. My dealer told me it's uncommon to have Michelin on Taycan 4S but very demanding. I don't know if it's true or not...
  19. BenJL

    Best Type2 cable (EU) for Taycan?

    Hi guys, Here in France, we have many Type2 public plugs and that is great. However, the cable is not there very often, you have to plug your own type2 cable. Porsche sells a type 2 cable but I don't know how fast is it. Do you know which (and where) type2 can I purchase, especially for...
  20. BenJL


    I tried this afternoon and it’s ok if you put only a hand (even 2 fingers !) on the steering wheel. it’s like there is a touch sensor.