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    Defective interior monitor? Mine was replaced under recall.
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    Rear tyre wear

    Replaced the factory P Zeros (albeit 21s) with Michelin PS4s a couple of times now, and they are much better. Better tire, better performance, quieter, better wearing, etc. I will say, both the Pirellis and the Michelins have all worn shockingly evenly on all four corners. The rear eats tires...
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    Tire Pressure for RWD Taycan on 20" Turbo Wheels?

    Door jamb values on my 22 RWD are vastly different than the recommended values in the owners manual. I believe the door jamb are separate DOT mandated full load settings. Im of the opinion the recommended in the manual allow for much more comfortable ride and also more even tire wear with a...
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    2025 Taycan RWD Base Model

    PCarWhisperer on YouTube has a good new video of a RWD 2025 build for under $125k that goes over a lot of the changes, but this was a good summary of some of the changes and "upgrades" over the previous base car. He claims only a 1.2% price upgrade of you were to have optioned all of these on a...
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    Tires and a frugal RWD owner

    I replaced rears only on my RWD to start, and now all four again with Michelins. Air suspension, 21s. The rears wear fast, but I will say all four are wearing very very evenly at least. I have mine done at America's Tire that has a touchless rim machine which sold me on having them done there...
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    Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    Got the car back from dealer for warranty work and asked them for SOH- 2022 RWD 1. Unknown 2. 91%! 3. 48,200 miles (one of their highest, if not highest mile Taycans they said) 4. Very little DC charging, maybe 1%, 3-4 road trips over 2 years. 5. 10/21 build date I believe. Also- charged to...
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    Car won’t charge

    Just had this today too. Said Porsche Route Planning Active, even though from what I could tell it wasn't. Direct Charging was also greyed out. I had to do a "2 finger reboot" of the PCM, which I had to lookup and in 2 years of ownership I've never had to do. Once it rebooted it cleared that...
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    Porsche Active Ride

    Kyle Connors (I think it was) very initial review of it was it was somewhat disorienting or disconcerting as the car is "doing" or behaving in a very unusual way in its extremely flat or "helicoptering" behavior. It's a cool party trick, but for USD$ I don't know that I'd opt for it without...
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    Let's Share Our Configurations for the MY2025 Model

    My two builds
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    Windshield Replacement Cost Estimate

    Just had mine done a couple months ago. As I recall insurance paid about $2600. Windshield was $1600, rest was labor. Calibration was done at same independent shop. As for Safelite- its being replaced as their chip repair "failed", or rather they made it even bigger. The glass shop guy said he...
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    177 KM Range

    Low temperature kills range. You running the heater too and stuff? The guessometer is factoring all this in. My uncle lives in Gananoque btw......
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    Anyone going to the Rennsport Porsche 75 reunion?

    Going down Thursday for all 4 days. Camping at the track. See you in the Taycan corral. Going to be epic...... this is fourth one for me.
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    50.000 km With My Porsche Taycan RWD

    Tires have zero wear at 50k kms? Lol
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    PFF recommendations in NorCal area

    KRZ Films in Rocklin, CA did my Taycan a little over a year ago upon delivery and my friends Taycan at the same time. Kevin is very professional and highly recommended.
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    911 to Taycan?

    I will echo everything said here mostly. Having owned a 996, 997, and a 991.1, all manuals, a 911 is something special. If I could have both, I would. If I could buy another 911 right now, it would be a 991.2 T or .1 S, in a manual in a tasty color combo. 991 values were going up when I sold...
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    Tire pressure after buying

    The door placard is for full load, and is waaaaayy to high for my 21 Mission Es. And the car rides like shit when it's up at these cold pressures. I've been using the partial load, 21" summer tire pressures which from my recollection are 34 front 36 rear and make for a much more comfortable...
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    2 year service performed for only $237!

    This is great to read. I didn't go for the "prepaid" $750 first year service, and even now that the first year has passed I skipped it as the SA said the brake flush could wait till year 2. I'm actually more interested in the inspection and drains cleaned/inspected than I am with the brake...
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    Nitrogen in Taycan Tyres

    Air isn't a molecule....... it's a mix of molecules. But I'm sure you already know that since you're the one trolling now........ lol...... A quick search...... there's plenty of reading on it........ "Compressed air often contains water vapor, which will ”oxidize” metal parts of your tire...
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    Nitrogen in Taycan Tyres

    Anyone who has run N2 in their tires will see the value in this small expense over air. My experience has been- less frequent topping up as the nitrogen molecule is much larger and therefore doesn't pass through the rubber compound as quickly. Also- due to the lack of water vapor, the pressure...