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    Taycan Turbo Utility/Range Exceeded Expectations

    The mission...280 mile round trip between SE Pennsylvania and JFK, same day, with three checked bags, two carry ons, a cooler for snacks, and three passengers. First challenge...will it fit? Unfortunately I didn't think to take photos. Rear 60% seat back folded down allowed the largest checked...
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    Resolved - Braking Issue/PSM Failure, with Video

    Short description of issue...primarily while feathering the brake pedal near the end of a deceleration to achieve a smooth stop, a "croaking" sound is made. Brake pedal feel is inconsistent. No need to watch the entire video...the sound is present throughout, though worse or better at times...
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    Excellent Technical Video for Potential Taycan Buyers

    Thanks YouTube for never recommending this video, or pulling it up during one of the dozens of searches for information about the Taycan I performed while researching the vehicle. :rolleyes: While I've accumulated nearly all the information presented in this video, by someone who seems to be...
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    Taycan Turbo for Wife

    PPQY7WN0 Configuration locks in a week, supposedly. Still have not received the Track Your Dream info...called PCNA this morning to request. I've wanted to get my wife a Tesla Model S for several years, but she doesn't like Elon Musk's antics, and over the last couple years I've found myself...