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  1. n3ophyte

    One step closer to that Mission E Concept look

    Finally managed to source and fit a set of 22” Rotiform FRA wheels for my Turbo S. These are a staggered width fitment (12” rears and 10” fronts) riding on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber (335/25R22 rears 285/30R22 fronts). Ride comfort is fine in all suspension settings but I may drop pressures...
  2. n3ophyte

    Quick wheel purchase sanity check please?

    I’m on the verge of buying a set of these 22” Rotiform FRA wheels for my Turbo S. They aren’t cheap so I was hoping knowledgable members could advise on a couple of concerns I have before pressing GO! I’m going for a staggered fitment so 22x10 fronts and 22x12 rears. I‘m guessing I’ll need...
  3. n3ophyte

    Light Strip & Tail Lights For Sale - £500 +delivery

    My original rear light strip and tail lights are now for sale having recently swapped them out for the Glacier Ice Blue variant. The items are in ‘as new’ condition having covered just 8200 miles. You can read my DIY swap out thread here Looking for £500 +delivery...
  4. n3ophyte

    DIY Swapped my ‘standard’ rear light strip for Glacier Ice Blue

    Quite a fiddly project but good fun and I like the result. Only problem is I think I need access to a PIWIS diagnostic computer to raise the rear spoiler sufficiently so I can press this baffle back into place. With the spoiler in cleaning mode the gap is just too tight. Would only take 5...
  5. n3ophyte

    Taycan Production Halt?

    I’m hearing rumours that production of new Taycans is being halted for 3 to 4 months and that the facelift will be delayed. Supposedly to try and clear the glut of new and used cars building up at dealerships. Not an authoritative source but this YouTube Video mentions the alleged halt and goes...