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  1. Mission X - How to get one?

    Thanks for that. Gives me some hope! I wonder if people just overestimate how many people are able to afford $1M cars, and the fact that Porsche makes more of them than the typical Koenigsegg production run of 100 or whatever.
  2. Mission X - How to get one?

    Porsche will soon decide whether to build the Mission X hypercar - Autoblog Based on that article, I'd assume they're going to make these cars. For those who were around in the Porsche 918 days, what does it take to get one?
  3. Taycan GT news

    If it can actually perform at the track, I'm interested. I like the daily driving ability it has, but I'd also want to be able to race it at a track. My daily driving has lots of 55mph highways with stoplights, so I'd made good use of 0-60 abilities too.
  4. If you’re bored sometime - go test drive a Model 3

    I own a Taycan and a Model 3. They're both great for their own reasons. All of the traditional automakers with other models that people are posting: They're all stupid for being so late to the EV game. You can talk about an M2 or C43 being a competitor with better interiors, but because...
  5. Trip Report: Impressive Results in Taycan Turbo S with Range Mode

    This has been my experience as well. My Taycan Turbo S with 21's now shows 290 mi range estimate after I charge up. And that's driving in a mixture of Normal and Sport. It's waaaay underrated. I also own a Model 3 P and I'd say the Taycan has around the same range, maybe more, in real world...
  6. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    This is the entire thing for me and the reason why I'm not interested. If they had a totally different exterior that looks way more aggressive on their performance model, great. But they don't. It's still confused with a Ford Fusion often enough that there is no status in driving one.
  7. Taycan STOP SALE faulty vehicle campaign preventing new deliveries

    I think when it comes to physical pieces/parts and processes like QA, it boils down to: one company has a hundred years of experience building cars, the other doesn't. But I would argue that just because the technical/infotainment systems aren't physical pieces and parts you can see, doesn't...
  8. Taycan STOP SALE faulty vehicle campaign preventing new deliveries

    For all of Tesla's faults, Porsche sure does have a lot of quality issues for supposedly better build quality. I kinda get the impression that Porsche has really nice looking interiors, which give the impression of quality, but reliability on the Taycan might not even be as good as a Model 3...
  9. Taycan with Black/Chalk interior pic request

    Same spec I got! Even the red seat belts, which I did on purpose!
  10. What is the highest quality audio source?

    That sucks since it means a process of constantly transferring files and never discovering new music while driving. FWIW my Samsung S9 seems to have a really good bluetooth connection because the audio is by far the best through it compared to all other sources I've tried excepting USB as I...
  11. What is the highest quality audio source?

    Anyone have any data on what bitrate/quality the various available audio sources are putting out? I ask because when I connect my phone via blutooth and play Spotify, it seems to sound a lot better than the Apple Music integration and Sirius XM.
  12. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    2021 Turbo S in the garage, finally!
  13. would you buy taycan if it wasn't electric ?

    I can't go back to ice after feeling the acceleration in ev. Also tired of smelling exhaust and seeing air pollution. It's time for a change for the environment.
  14. Delivery scheduling is idiotic

    Am I the only one that really has no definitive delivery date, or is this a common occurrence? Ordered a 2021 and initial delivery date of Jan 1. Cool. Then it gets updated to Dec 24 last month. Great. Two weeks ago, I'm still on track for Dec 24. Then the day before delivery, it's pushed to...
  15. Turning electronic sound ON by default?

    When I had a loaner for the weekend, those were the 2 settings I went for every time as well. I'm going to guess many do the same thing and hopefully Porsche figures out a software update.
  16. 2021 Taycans being delivered this year (Dec 2020)?

    I ordered in May for 2021 model. I'm told Dec 25.
  17. Taycan Turbo S owner's review of the 4S

    Haha, fair enough. But I like having the option. I can always go slower, but can't go faster in the 4S. And I can't think of many cars that go faster, so if you aren't going fast in a Taycan, what else is there? :)
  18. Taycan Turbo S vs. McLaren Senna DRAG RACE ?

    Yeah this race was disappointing coming from the DragTImes video where he made the effort to ensure 100% charge and saw 10.3-10.4s which would have easily beaten the Senna.
  19. Taycan Turbo S owner's review of the 4S

    Yep. If I had a "normal job" and more regard for the money, I'd have bought the 4S. Plenty for daily driving. But I'm not an old fart yet, and I want to go fast. I like speed. I like launching off the line and I can do it often on the roads where I live. Stop light races are real here. Losing to...