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  1. Racer_Ex

    Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    I don't disagree. Except on two points where I agreed with you 6M ago, before leasing a 2024 Turbo S. 1. Don't count on being able to sell the lease back to Porsche without taking a large loss. They won't cut you a deal and the depreciation could bite you. 2. Don't assume the bugs are worked...
  2. Racer_Ex

    TSB: Red Warning - Occupant Seat Belt not Fastened - March 1, 2024

    Interesting. I recently had a similar problem that took the dealer a week to figure out. In my case, however, the seat belt indicator warning would go off when there was NO one sitting in the seat. The dealer initially tried replacing the buckle, which made no sense given that it wasn't in use...
  3. Racer_Ex

    Is Porsche Selling Our Driving Data?

    Lol. That's not good!
  4. Racer_Ex

    Is Porsche Selling Our Driving Data?

    The real question IMO is whether they sell our speed, acceleration and cornering data. Perhaps location data too. If they do, then there needs to be a very clear way to opt out or all performance drivers will have to go back to older cars without that capability. How do we find out what...
  5. Racer_Ex

    Dragy Testing in SD County

    I am hoping to do some Dragy testing. But I have been having a hard time finding any place in North County San Diego that works. Too bad they shut down the drag strip in Carlsbad 25 or so years ago! Any way, I keep scoping out areas on the map, only to find that they are not suitable. Anyone...
  6. Racer_Ex

    Depreciation, I lost money, I’m crying

    Social media of all kinds is exhausting and annoying. Humans have lost the capacity for holding differing viewpoints and remaining civil at the same time.
  7. Racer_Ex

    Official: "The Most Dynamic Taycan of All Time" debuts March 11

    It may be the most dynamic, but can it match the depreciation rate of a 2024 model? That right there just about breaks the laws of finance.
  8. Racer_Ex

    Taycan re-sale issues

    I leased mine. But I was still surprised by how fast the thing has depreciated. The 1/4 mile time is impressive but the depreciation curve is like nothing I've ever seen before out of Porsche.
  9. Racer_Ex

    PPF Installer recommendations in Austin, TX

    I also used xpel Austin for two cars. They do great work and stand behind their product. FWIW I've also had mixed results with other products. Xpel has proved to be much more robust to everything from the elements to road hazards.
  10. Racer_Ex

    Probably can’t be done… but just in case

    So I don't have to go through several screens on the main PCM while driving. It is too distracting to have to make sure I make the correct selection to get to each additional screen. Eyes off the road too long. (Here is one of many scenarios... Let's say I turn off from the freeway onto a...
  11. Racer_Ex

    Probably can’t be done… but just in case

    Thank you all for your ideas!
  12. Racer_Ex

    Probably can’t be done… but just in case

    Thank you WattTurbo. That's a great idea. Now I need to invest a little time figuring out how to set the tile button.
  13. Racer_Ex

    Probably can’t be done… but just in case

    I do have an individual setting established already (sport plus but w suspension dampers in sport and no sport sound). I was hoping for a one-button way to just adjust ride height no matter what setting I’m using on the sport chrono dial. I can switch to the main menu and go a few screens deep...
  14. Racer_Ex

    Probably can’t be done… but just in case

    it’s nice that we have a lift “button”. But I would also really like to be able to change the suspension height down to the lower settings without having to go through the main menu (and then multiple additional layers), and without having to change damper stiffness. For example, I would love...
  15. Racer_Ex

    Picking up my TR in Dallas, very tempted to drive it back to San Diego, CA

    I’ve been doing the same thing lately but in a 4Runner and a GT4RS, road conditions being the determining factor.
  16. Racer_Ex

    Picking up my TR in Dallas, very tempted to drive it back to San Diego, CA

    lol. Im actually from another place that can just as easily be poked fun at. I’ve lived in both of the extreme political climates and find them both to be insane. The weather and the back roads are just better here. As for the relevant facts, the route where I had the 4 hour wait was the 101...
  17. Racer_Ex

    Picking up my TR in Dallas, very tempted to drive it back to San Diego, CA

    I’ve done that drive a dozen times. Get yourself some books on tape and it’s a breeze. My only advice is to plan your charging at locations with relatively more chargers and stay on the main highways. I’ve had one bad EV travel experience, taking a less traveled road that lead to smaller...
  18. Racer_Ex

    Wheel protection (aaaagh!)

    I feel your pain. I did it yesterday while using my “extremely careful” approach to not curbing wheels. I’ve had it less than two weeks. So much for the extremely careful method. These wheels are incredibly easy to ding. The tires have the section width of a rubber band. It is a small and hard...
  19. Racer_Ex

    Caution - Inspection BS - Dealership BS - Austin TX

    Just my 2c and ymmv. But it doesn’t sound like they were that out of line. They made one mistake and fixed it. Re the tires and alignment, dealers make recommendations for optimal performance. As consumers we have to decide if we want optimal or if we are willing to live with less than optimal...
  20. Racer_Ex

    Porsches v Ferraris

    I would add that Porsches are for going fast, and doing so reliably. Ferraris are all about getting attention. I found that out the hard way when every gold digger within 100 miles would turn up pass soon as I parked the car in a public place.