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  1. Boss Hogg

    Parts theft on EVs

    Interesting thread, I thought rental companies were moving away from EVs for a range of reasons with high repair cots being a big one. Hertz announced the sale of much of its Tesla fleet earlier this year. Fake/substandard parts an even bigger problem.
  2. Boss Hogg

    NEW Updated 2025 Taycan Reviews Are Here!

    Hopefully the turbonite is more subtle than this. Looks like Porsche have copied Seat.
  3. Boss Hogg

    NEW Updated 2025 Taycan Reviews Are Here!

    thats awful, I really hope that car has olea leather, that seems to delete the turbnoite stitching.
  4. Boss Hogg

    Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    I’m with you and have a Gen2 turbo ST on the way so may be biased. Gen2 is ahead of Macan for charging speed, performance, handling (especially with PAR). It lags in infotainment, hud, interior tech. The cars clearly have different end use cases and target consumers. I’m not surprised that...
  5. Boss Hogg

    Electrical System Error - 11 failed battery modules in 2021 Taycan under 10K miles

    Gen2 Taycan has different battery cells, fingers crossed they prove more reliable and Porsche step up and extend warranty on Gen1 batteries.
  6. Boss Hogg

    Rear tyre wear

    OP's tyre wear sounds about right based on my experience.
  7. Boss Hogg

    Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    Interesting thread. I would add that when Gen1 was released there was little/no competition so it attracted many buyers -I came from an Audi RS6, another large depreciation car. Conflate this with the microchip and supply chain issues restricting supply there was a short period of demand...
  8. Boss Hogg

    Free Heaters

    Unless you want to steal a specific Taycan model, this forum provides a really easy way to locate individual cars from the licence plate if not concealed (at least in the uk).
  9. Boss Hogg

    MY 2025 lease details & programs

    that’s a knock out deal on the bmw, where did you find it? Their own online finance shows c. £45k leasing cost over 24 months, 8k miles PA (the minimum). I agree reliability and customer service is awful at Porsche, I was off the road the 9 weeks due to a warranty fail and parts not available...
  10. Boss Hogg

    "It's better in every single way"

    To be fair it’s a lot more than a typical Porsche facelift, almost everything important under the surface is new.
  11. Boss Hogg

    NEW Updated 2025 Taycan Reviews Are Here!

    video editing aside.... enjoying the reviews, good to see the new active ride impressing so much (I've optioned it so hoping it lives up to the hype), the overcompensating / leaning part is not so popular but that function can be switched on and off.
  12. Boss Hogg

    MY 2025 lease details & programs

    agree it is not looking good but I've pressed on, order was confirmed this week, life is too short! I run it through my business so get some healthy tax advantages and would rather be driving a highly depreciating Taycan than a highly depreciating BMW/AUDI/Merc EV.
  13. Boss Hogg

    Damage to Battery shell

    the new J2 battery underbody guard is made from glass fibre composite, should help reduce these type of incidents.
  14. Boss Hogg

    Let's Share Our Configurations for the MY2025 Model

    Now confirmed May build, late June delivery for an ST Turbo. Any others had orders/timing firmed up?
  15. Boss Hogg

    Anyone fight Porsche warranty RE: damaged radar?

    Raise the issue with Porsche NA, sounds like you’re being ripped off, especially if others have chips and their system still works fine… will need to check mine now.
  16. Boss Hogg

    Race-Tex steering wheel opinions

    I have race tex in my gt4 and leather in the Taycan. I like race tex for the occasional blast, for a daily driver I much prefer leather. If the GT is going to be fun car and not a daily hack I’d get race tex and keep the keep the extra/unique controls.
  17. Boss Hogg

    Upgrading from MY 2020 4S to MY 2025 Turbo

    I'm in a similar situation, 2021 4S CT moving to ST Turbo. For me it was the performance, range, turbo differentiation, comfort, faster charging (and hopefully new heater) in that order. Been told car available July.
  18. Boss Hogg

    The perfect rims for Turbo?

    I liked the new 21" Turbo Aero on the configurator, not so sure now, they appear quite bland. The new 20" Turbo Aero might be better, seem to have a bit more detail. Did any of the cars have those?
  19. Boss Hogg

    The perfect rims for Turbo?

    Thanks. Do you have a photo of the full car (to see the wheels in context)?
  20. Boss Hogg

    World Premiere: 2025 Taycan Turbo GT and Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach Package

    I think the rear motor is the same as the Gen2 Taycans which is more powerful than current, looks like the 900amp inverter generating the extra power mostly at launch and in attack mode. Both GT cars also have new and lighter PCCBs