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  1. BenJL

    Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    Despite having ordered a Turbo 25, I find myself wondering whether Porsche has effectively killed off the model. Prove me wrong! There are several reasons for my concerns: 1) The Taycan used to be Porsche's most technologically advanced and forward-thinking vehicle. Nowadays, it seems like the...
  2. BenJL

    Ice grey or Dolomite?

    Hey guys! I'm in the process of finalizing the setup of a Turbo, and it's incredibly difficult to choose between ICE GREY and GREY DOLOMITE. I haven't seen Dolomite with my own eyes, but I'm afraid it might be very close to Tesla's Grey Quicksilver, which looks very cheap.* (see below) I...
  3. BenJL

    The perfect rims for Turbo?

    Hello everyone, I'm ready to place an order for a Turbo MY25, but I'm still quite undecided on the wheels and rims. On one hand, I'm drawn to the new Mission E wheels, which have a lower impact on the range, but I've heard that the 21-inch ones are less comfortable on the road and, more...
  4. BenJL

    Let's Share Our Configurations for the MY2025 Model

    Hello everyone! With the arrival of the 2025 Model, I thought it would be great for us to share our configurations. Which model are you considering? If you have a Porsche code, please feel free to share it. Also, kindly mention if your code is from a specific country's site or the...
  5. BenJL

    Do I have to change my tires?!

    Hi guys! I hope you are well :) I drove for 15000 km with the Taycan with the same tires (yes, I know, it’s not a good thing but weather is too incertain in Paris ?). Today, I’m wondering if I have to change it. I have Michelin 20 inches. What is your thoughts when you look at these pictures...
  6. BenJL

    How turn on pre cool before charging?

    Hi guys, I hope you are well. I still don’t know how to turn on battery pre-cool/pre-warn before charging (and, then, optimise the charging time) In fact, I don’t know how can I say to the vehicle that I will charge it at high voltage in a couple of minutes. Is it only with the GPS? I tried to...
  7. BenJL

    Gearbox anomaly

    Hi, I hope you are well and you appreciate your Taycan (and if you are still waiting for it, it worth the wait). Today, when I was on highways (and after some accelerations and braking due to traffic), I saw a yellow alert. It was in french but it said something like “gearbox anomaly, you can...
  8. BenJL

    Touching the rocker panel

    Hi guys, I have the feeling my Taycan touches often the rocker panel especially in parkings. I feel the vehicle. I can feel the vehicle rising and scraping slightly. But when I look underneath the vehicle, I don't see anything. What are the consequences in your opinion?
  9. BenJL

    Best Type2 cable (EU) for Taycan?

    Hi guys, Here in France, we have many Type2 public plugs and that is great. However, the cable is not there very often, you have to plug your own type2 cable. Porsche sells a type 2 cable but I don't know how fast is it. Do you know which (and where) type2 can I purchase, especially for...
  10. BenJL

    350 kWh on IONITY/Electrify America DC ?

    Hi, I hope you are well! I will take delivery On Monday of my brand new taycan 4S with the DC converter option. However, I don’t understand why this converter is limited to 150 Kwh although you can charge up to 350kwh with IONITY or Electrify America. And I’m quite sure these chargers is DC...
  11. BenJL

    Who are waiting in France ?

    Hi Guys, I hope you are well ! Who, here on this beautiful community, are waiting its beast in France ? My dealer told me the official presentation should be around the end of February and the first deliveries will follow. Have you more information ? Porsche in France is so disappointing...
  12. BenJL

    Innodrive : better than before ?

    Hi guys, my dealer told me innodrive was improved on the Taycan and was « almost as same than the Tesla in Europe ». I have a small doubt.:movember: The latest video I saw of innodrive was a man who drove a Cayenne and innodrive was lost during a curve :surprised: Have you ever seen a video...
  13. BenJL

    CarPlay wifi ?

    Hi guys, I hope you are well. Have you seen CarPlay on the Taycan ? Do you know if CarPlay takes 100% of the display ? Moreover, do you know if there is Carplay WiFi ? (CarPlay without the plug) Thanks a lot.
  14. BenJL

    In-car purchase ?

    Hi guys, When I ordered my Taycan 4S, my dealer told me there will be some "in-car purchase", exactly like Tesla does. He told me 2 features could be purchased like an in-app purchase OR rented for a few hours : Porsche Intelligent Range Manager & Heat Seat. Have you heard something like that?
  15. BenJL

    Launch control on 4S ?

    Hi guys, each time we see a launch control in action on a video, the driver uses a Turbo or Turbo S. I’ve never seen a Launch Control on a 4S. All videos with a 4S is either on snow or on City. Do Porsche are worried about this feeling on a 4s? If my memory is good, the 4S (with the battery...
  16. BenJL

    Porsche Top 5 Series: Highlights of the Taycan

    Hi guys, Porsche has just published a new video about the Taycan, especially focus on the Development Centre. Enjoy :)
  17. BenJL

    5 Stars on EURO NCAP crash-test

    Hi guys, The report has just came out. the Porsche Taycan is safe. 5/5. more info : and the video :
  18. BenJL

    Glacier blue and Coming Home/Leaving Home animation

    Hi guys, I was wondering what was exactly this option « glacier ice blue ». On the website, we can see : « Daytime running light elements in Glacier Ice blue with visually differentiated trims in 3D track graphic. With distinctive Coming Home/Leaving Home animation. » Do you know what is...
  19. BenJL

    Speed bump ??

    hi guys, I was asking myself a question, and I’m really afraid about that. Here in France, we often find speed bumps with more than 20 cm high and the underbody seems really low. How will we do this with this car? Is there an option to take in order to deal with that ? At this time, I have...
  20. BenJL

    Is the animation taillight is optional ?

    Hi Everyone, I've just seen this video and I see the very great animation taillight (from the center to the ends) At 39 sec : Do you know which option we have to pay to get that ? Maybe the PDLS+ in blue with coming home function ?