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  1. Mission X - How to get one?

    Porsche will soon decide whether to build the Mission X hypercar - Autoblog Based on that article, I'd assume they're going to make these cars. For those who were around in the Porsche 918 days, what does it take to get one?
  2. What is the highest quality audio source?

    Anyone have any data on what bitrate/quality the various available audio sources are putting out? I ask because when I connect my phone via blutooth and play Spotify, it seems to sound a lot better than the Apple Music integration and Sirius XM.
  3. Delivery scheduling is idiotic

    Am I the only one that really has no definitive delivery date, or is this a common occurrence? Ordered a 2021 and initial delivery date of Jan 1. Cool. Then it gets updated to Dec 24 last month. Great. Two weeks ago, I'm still on track for Dec 24. Then the day before delivery, it's pushed to...
  4. Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Tesla Model 3 Performance Overall Comparison

    I got to spend a weekend with the Taycan Turbo demo car from the local dealership while I wait for my build. My daily driver is a Tesla Model 3 Performance, and my other occasional driver is the Macan S. Before these cars, various BMWs, Audis, and the like. I have to say, the Taycan is an...