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  1. WasserGKuehlt

    Porsche Swag and Heater Fix

    Now that's how to one-up restaurants with truly personalized paging. "Mr(s). JIP1080, your car is waiting for you, sir/ma'am."
  2. WasserGKuehlt

    2025 Gen2 orders

    PTS+: any color, at any time.
  3. WasserGKuehlt

    2025 Gen2 orders

    Two-fer? Would have been better to get one each body style..
  4. WasserGKuehlt

    Taycan average miles driven over 3 years... what's yours average annual mileage?

    22k miles in 17 months. Daily driver, not so much weekend anymore - unless it’s for family and/or long trips. There were a couple of those (1k+/trip), and many one- or two-stoppers. Love driving it, though I’m torn between it and the 911; the latter gets the nod on Friday and weekends (rain or...
  5. WasserGKuehlt

    Complete brake failure !!

    You’re not supposed to.. (unless, you know, the brake line splits. Too soon?)
  6. WasserGKuehlt

    The “manual” Ioniq 5 N

    Yeah, good question; for full effect, it probably displays consumption in mpg.
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    I'll wait for the 7-seater Cayenne version of this, so i can fit a bunch of junk in the "garage" in addition to the car itself.
  8. WasserGKuehlt

    Electrify America Issues

    Would this be for your European ski home? Bingen is a bit far from the nearest slope, though you do have options: - Duesseldorf used to have a larger snow pile act as a ski hill around New Year's - in the opposite direction, there's a quaint ski hill up the road from Baden Baden
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    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Yep, I can see the pollen. Also, it's mid-May but poster's location checks out. :)
  10. WasserGKuehlt

    GM follows Ford with NACS Tesla charge port adoption -- time to ditch CCS1 (at least the physcial design)

    Ah, so you are that elusive Porsche owner who stores their car in the summer.
  11. WasserGKuehlt

    The “manual” Ioniq 5 N

    I’ve seen an N in person (on the street, not dealer). Perhaps the visuals can be configured, but the one I saw screamed way too loudly Lancia Delta Integrale EVO: bright red chequered flags on white background. It is definitely impressive what the group has produced from a technical perspective.
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    Porsche Motorsport Thread

    Just curious, why? It's happened before, although not anytime recently: If history is an indicator, Porsche don't really care if they win with the works team or a privateer; there were many examples where they dismantled their own (even personal!) cars to help a privateer finish a race, or...
  13. WasserGKuehlt

    Kyle Conner goes 311 miles in '25 Taycan 70mph range test

    (raises hand slowly) In my defense, they’re winter wheels (and just great!). Also, I don’t take myself too seriously, as proven by this photo: Back on topic, I am pleased to note my warmer weather consumption is getting very good indeed: 132mi at 52% SoC is an absolute best for me. This is...
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    Western auto manufacturers really have a lot of catching up to do.
  15. WasserGKuehlt

    Porsche Motorsport Thread

    were you at Laguna Seca last weekend? Kudos.
  16. WasserGKuehlt

    Recall: Power Outlet May Cause Charging Cable to Overheat (20-24) APB6 - December 13, 2023

    Yes, my Macan loaner was extremely clean. The 4-cyl engine was a bit wheezy but it was probably my fault for not using Sport mode and a heavy foot. The 'Porsche' puddle lights more than made up for it, though. Porsche Is The Most Recalled EV In America ( (no need to click, the article...
  17. WasserGKuehlt

    What do you show on your instrument cluster on your Porsche Taycan?

    I’m not contesting that it would be trivial to allow anything, but I suspect (though don’t know for sure) that certain information must be displayed at all times. That kinda sets some “specialization” prerequisites for the display, and so displaying anything anywhere begins to be not so trivial...
  18. WasserGKuehlt

    What do you show on your instrument cluster on your Porsche Taycan?

    Mmmno. Imagine that each tube is the viewport associated with the root of a tree of information, and can only show info captured in that tree. It actually makes a lot of sense, and would avoid nonsensical combinations (either with all-duplicates, or completely leaving out essential info -...
  19. WasserGKuehlt

    Kyle Conner goes 311 miles in '25 Taycan 70mph range test

    I’m gonna try this line at home; will report back on whether i get a frying pan to the face or not.