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  1. optik382

    Yet another electrical system error

    “Electrical system error - service necessary”. 2022 CT Turbo. 11,000 miles. Can’t shift into drive- totally bricked. Left it charging, came back 3 hrs later and saw the error. Let it sit locked a couple times for 20 mins- same error. tow truck to dealer :-(, missed dinner with the family, no...
  2. optik382

    Ways we enjoy our Taycan Cross Turismo: Kid seats in the back, and off-roading

    So I figured out how to get three legit kid seats in the back of the Taycan. Some formulae work for some cars and not for others, so I think I'd share mine: Center: Clek Fllo. It mounts rear-facing without the LATCH system (Taycan doesn't have it in the center.) It's narrow, and works from...
  3. optik382

    Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo CT in Neptune Blue with Satin PPF Film

    I got my CT in mid January, it's a 2022 and arrived on the Glovis Supreme. Just got to 1k miles. It's been awesome so far. I am pretty happy with how this turned out... SatinGuard on all the Neptune Blue surfaces, plus the black door handles (to reduce fingerprints.) Clear film on all the...